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  1. General Airsoft Discussion
    Does the Krytac MKII series come with a sector delay installed on the sector gear? I know the MKI series didn't and I can't find any reviews on the MKII series, but from pictures of the sector gear it seems like it might? But I would like to know for sure from anyone who owns a Krytac MKII SPR...
  2. General Airsoft Discussion
    1. What type of spring does the Krytac SPR MKII come with stock? 2. Lets say I were to get a krytac, leave everything stock and use 0.28g-0.30g bbs with a 11.1v 15c lipo, how much fps would that be? (assuming 400 fps with 0.20g)
  3. Electric Guns
    So I'm buying a krytac spr dmr 450fps to use as an assault rifle at my field since they chrono with .25g and the limit is 400fps +/-10fps what i want to know is how good are the guns from umbrella and has anyone used them I was going to buy OCAW but they are all sold out currently
  4. General Airsoft Discussion
    I've been saving up my money for a couples trying to upgrade my Krytac SPR. The thing is, I'm stuck on which upgrade to pick! I heard Umbrella Armory makes top tier guns, but I also heard Polarstar can make your gun good!!! So my question is, Umbrella Armory or Polarstar? I'm not a tech-y kind...
  5. General Airsoft Discussion
    I have a Krytac Mk2 SPR and have been struggling to find a mid-cap that will feed in it. I've heard good things about the PTS EPM mags, but they are too expensive, and I've heard that they don't work with the Ordem speed loader, which I have. People have also said that the Ares Amoeba is very...
  6. General Airsoft Discussion
    i have heard g&p, epm, p mags. and k120 but i wanna know what you guys think are the best bang for your buck or just the best out there. Thanks:):):):):):):D:D:D:D:D Also what work best in the krytac spr.
  7. What Gun Should I Get?
    I recently purchased a krytak spr from glaze sports in rancho cucamonga ca. Im not one to just spend 400 bucks on an airsoft rifle so i did my research online. I didnt see many bad reviews and i heard lots of great things so i decided to purchase the spr for a long range / field build. The first...
1-7 of 7 Results