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  1. Airsoft Guns for Sale
    Kwa Mac11 thingy. internals run buttery smooh and is very well taken care of. stock was wierd so I put a new one on, there is a rail with a sight too. Trigger gaurd broke off but its just cosmetic. 2 magazines both have green gas fill valves but one has an hpa tap installed
    $240 USD
  2. Airsoft Guns for Sale
    Up for sale is an upgraded KSC Glock 19 GBB Pistol. The following upgrades include: PDI 6.01mm inner barrel Upgraded hop up rubber Guarder 150x recoil spring guide Guard hammer spring Guarder steel magazine catch Mag replacement springs Pistol is in great condition and comes with the original...
    $149 USD
  3. General Accessory Discussion
    Hey all, I’ve got one of the HK416 remakes that Arcturus put out and I’m having trouble with magazines. I’ve got two old Magpul Pts EMAGS that work great and some KWA midcaps that have, quite honestly, under delivered. Out of the 6 I ordered, I’ve had one retention spring break, and two no...
  4. Airsoft Guns for Sale
    Selling my lightly used KWA gbb Kriss Vector. Shoots and functions great, nothing broken or excessively worn. Comes with 4 non-leaky mags and mag pouch, Barska red dot, 3d printed afg and upper rail riser, extra hop-up bucking and a few extra rocket valves. Has adjustable NPAS valve installed...
  5. Gas Powered Guns
    so far this gun outperforms my WE AKS-74UN (though in it's defense I did only order c02 mags for it so it shoot ps hot at 440 fps as the median/average fps with the first 3 shots sometimes surpassing 480 fps. I've had it for over a week and even though I ordered a red dot sight, Matrix .32g BBs...
  6. General Airsoft Discussion
    Regarding realism and quality of materials, which one is more realistic: the KSC/KWA Škorpion vz. 61, or the Tokyo Marui Škorpion vz. 61?
  7. General Airsoft Discussion
    Are KSC/KWA airsoft guns generally of better quality than those of Tokyo Marui?
  8. Airsoft Guns for Sale
    PULLED FROM MY REDDIT POST: [WTS] [SO-CAL, ALHAMBRA] Asking $400, OBO, Feel Free to Shoot Offers. LOWBALLERS WILL BE IGNORED. Hello all, looking to sell my lightly used KWA KMP9 GBB SMG as a BUNDLE. Will not part out any of the items included within the bundle under any circumstances for now...
  9. Wanted
    Looking to buy a KWA mp9R in the ranger grey colorway, not looking for flawless/perfect cosmetic condition, as long as the stock locks, folds, extends, and the gun feeds/shoots flawlessly. If you have extra mags and or a suppressor/barrel extender I will buy those off you as well.
  10. Airsoft Guns for Sale
    EDIT: Willing to negotiate as well! (No trades) After getting my perfect airsoft configured, I unfortunately have to depart ways with it. All airsoft stuff in the photo is for sale. The gun itself was in the process of becoming a DMR build; parts list down below. Mosfet is the only piece missing...
  11. General Airsoft Discussion
    Hello, In terms of realism, materials, robustness, and general quality, which one is the best? I don’t care if it shoots well or not, I just want it for collecting purposes. Thanks
  12. Gun Building, Modifications & Repairs
    Hello, Can anyone tell me if removing the orange tip of the KWA/KSC Skorpion vz.61 airsoft gun is easy? Is there any metal pin/end on the bottom of the orange tip needs to be filed down? Thanks
  13. General Airsoft Discussion
    Hello, What is the country of origin of the company KSC/KWA? Thanks
  14. Airsoft Guns for Sale
    Barely used KWA KP8 Compact Pistol for sale. It's in excellent condition! It has Gas-blowback, it is 9mm and 21 round capacity It mirrors the HK USP 9mm Compact Comes with a loader and BBs with a Propane adapter. Email me if you are interested.
  15. Airsoft Guns for Sale
    KWA QRF MOD 1 Pistol Caliber AR w/ Adjustable FPS AEG 2.5 Gearbox Like new, never used KWA QRF MOD 1 Pistol Caliber AR w/ Adjustable FPS AEG 2.5 Gearbox. $550 + shipping obo!! Never got into the sport and don't want this beast to just sit here. I'm selling it so someone who is an invested...
  16. Wanted
    im currently seeking a few models. - Socom gear m200 gas intervention - G&P VPR WOC sniper - KWA Kriss vector GBB - magpul FPG - ares DSR-1 any leads would be greatly appreciated thanks!
  17. General Airsoft Discussion
    Hey there, Recently the stock of my kwa mp7 broke, so i was looking for a new one. The problem is that i can't find the stock anywhere. Neither could i find the 3-position stock from angry gun. Does anyone know where i could buy it or does own one by himself which is not needed anymore?
  18. Airsoft Guns for Sale
    Selling everything, i am located in kennesaw ga, text me 678 899 1075 if interested! sned offers! it wont hurt! AIRSOFT GUNS Discontinued ppsh-41 electric blowback ( 2 mags) 300$ WAR inc. Kalashnikov Ak47 (1 mag) 20$ Discontinued G&G GR4 CQB-S mini -DST (1 mag) 230$ Discontinued...
  19. Gun Building, Modifications & Repairs
    Base gun is a KWA TK.45C SE I bought on release. Converted to a DSG in November of 2019 with these parts: Siegetek 14:1 9-tooth dsg set ASG 22TPA motor (moved to 28TPA in June of 2020) SHS 14.5T lightened piston (with extra teeth removed) Lonex POM piston head (w/o bearings) - Important note...
  20. Airsoft Guns for Sale
    I have a used KWA KMP9R GBB in OD Green. Been locked in a case for 5-6 years now. Has two mags as well. I am just looking to sell this to a good home. I am located in Phoenix AZ. Accepting Zelle, Cashapp, Venmo and even Crypto payments. Please DM for details, pictures and what not.
1-20 of 206 Results