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  1. Gun Building, Modifications & Repairs
    I purchased a Classic Army Skirmish series Delta 12 AEG from airsoftstation in December 2020 and at the time they didn’t label it as being LiPo ready, however I recently saw the same gun on their site and the product page now says LiPo ready. This gun has the ECS trigger setup so it is...
  2. General Accessory Discussion
    OK, so I noticed that Evike's section on Lipo batteries also had Li-Ion batteries. I put an 11.1v Li-Ion in my King Arms Thompson M1928, and thus far, I have noticed no issues with it. I do wonder, though: are there any significant differences or advantages between Lipo or Li-Ion batteries when...
  3. Gun Building, Modifications & Repairs
    So, story goes: I spoke to someone on Hopup about buying their used Matrix Godzilla 5000 High Torque motor. Well, a little bit of haggling ($38 shipped) and a week later, it's at my doorstep. So today I took the motor out of my Elite Force CTAR Tavor and swapped it with the new Godzilla motor...
  4. What Gun Should I Get?
    Hey guys, I saw a very similar thread but didn't want to hijack it, and plus, my question is slightly different: If money or cost was not a consideration, what 11.1v LiPo stick type battery would you get? Which one would provide the maximum ROF, trigger response, last the longest without...
  5. Airsoft Guns for Sale
    LIPOS, Tracer, 416 Geissele Handguard, PTS EPM MAGS. Mainly looking for the lipos and the PTS EPM mags but if you have a tracer and the Geissele handguard hit me up ASAP!!
  6. Gun Building, Modifications & Repairs
    I recently bought the MK-II from Evike and I plan on switching out the stock to the VFC QRS (Avalon) stock and switching to deans. I am trying to put the Titan Power 11.1v 3000mAh 16C Stick Type Li-Ion Battery in there(I think it fits).The gun page said "(NOTE: Battery output rating should not...
  7. Gun Building, Modifications & Repairs
    Hey everyone! I hope you're doing fine during these weird times. To the matter: I bought four used LiPo batteries about a year ago, without knowing much about LiPos. I put them on my shelf for future use. They have now been laying there fully charged for a really loong time. I now know more...
  8. General Airsoft Discussion
    I'm looking to get a battery that can fit easily into my Krytac MK2 PDW, and it seems that the only options are 7.4s. I currently run a huge 2000mah 20C Matrix 11.1 (, and am tired of having a bunch of nonsense coming out of my stock. I've been looking at...
  9. Electric Guns
    What is an affordable bundle for at least 2 LiPos and LiPo Charger. I’m lookin under $50
  10. Electric Guns
    I found this for what seems like a ridiculously good price from a US seller. Prewired to deans too, so that saves a bit of time.
  11. Electric Guns
    I recently purchased a kwa vm4a1 and i would like to know if an 11.1 v 12c Continuous- 20c Burst LiPo will wear down my trigger contacts enough to the point where i should get a mosfet. I've read up on LiPo's but have seen nothing for this particular gun/KWA's recently. The KWA manual says that...
  12. Beginners Forum
    I was under the false impression that adding a mosfet to our replica allowed it to use higher voltage lipos (11.1 in this case) without issues, but checking the forums I've seen that the only thing it fixes its the voltaic arc issue, but the gears and motor suffer more wear from it. Should I...
  13. Beginners Forum
    Hey guys, I'm just into the sport, I've read a lot about batteries, chargers, MOSFETs, etc. and I can't decide which is the best ( or at least the optimal ) choice of battery for the G&G's CM16 Raider. I'm pretty sure 9,6 NiMH nunchuk will be alright, but what about the Li-POs? This replica does...
  14. Electric Guns
    Hello I have recently bought a balance charger and some LiPo batteries (mostly 7.4, 1300mAh, 25c). The charger has two switches on it. First is LiPo/Life - that one I keep on LiPo, of course. Second switch is 1A/2A/3A - how do I choose which one of these? - is it depending on battery or...
  15. Airsoft Images & Video
    This, is what happens (at least in my case, your battery may explode and burn down your house, so don't try this yourself!):
  16. Electric Guns
    i charged it for a little not knowing to use a lipo charger and was shooting and the gun stopped and the motor is whriling and not shooting need help to fix:):mad:
  17. Airsoft Guns for Sale
    Will ship via UPS or Fedex Paypal only, F&F or plus 4% Prices include shipping Please feel free to pm me with any and all questions!. Buyer assumes all responsibility once item is shipped and leaves my possession No refunds Trades: Haley Strategic D3CR Chest Rig, any color G&G Complete Metal M4...
  18. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Hello All, I am looking to pick up a few 11.1 lipo batteries similar to the Turnigy 1200mah 1.2 airsoft stick batteries preferably wired to deans and/or some deans connectors to do the conversion myself. Thanks in advance for the offers.
  19. Gun Building, Modifications & Repairs
    Hello! I was looking at some upgrades for my gun, but I want to make sure they are safe before I actually buy and install them. I was interested in a high torque motor to increase my ROF, and an 11.1 Lipo to go with it. Please note that I am fairly new to learning and understanding the internals...
  20. Gun Building, Modifications & Repairs
    I have a Classic Army M249, and I recently stripped a piston using an 11.1 volt lipo. I was wondering what upgrades I should get, so that the gun is more reliable with a big battery like this.
1-20 of 39 Results