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  1. Airsoft Guns for Sale
    King Arms OEM EMG DD M4 MSRP - $350. Huge discount to sell ASAP Ranger impression legit never used vanilla brand new. No magazine
    $260 USD
  2. Airsoft Guns for Sale
    King Arms M4A1 Gas Blowback Rifle (shipped in original box) This gun is lightly used with a few (very) minor battle wounds. gun MSRP ~ $300 Accessories include: All original components Magpul PTS stock - (OD Green) (MSRP ~ $65) (Based on similar items) CASV rail system - (painted OD green)...
    $650 USD
  3. Wanted
    Hello looking for a used second hand TM MWS in the US. Gun and one mag preferred. Thnx!
  4. Airsoft Guns for Sale
    Looking for a used Mk18 AEG! Let me know what you've got! Shipping to Tampa, FL Thanks!
    $450 USD
  5. Parts and Accessories Classifieds
    Hi all, Looking for any AEG mk18 build parts of medium-high quality. Need everything as I'm building from scratch for ****s and gigs. Shoot me what you got! Cheers.
    $200 USD
  6. Airsoft Guns for Sale
    ▪︎ ICS MX5 ($275 shipped) (pix here) • Features: Metal upper receiver and sliding stock Split gearbox v2 wired to front with deans H2E mosfet w/ 3 round burst Comes as shown with attachments and 1 TM 50rd lowcap (cuz why the hell else would I take the picture with the attachments?) •...
    $1 USD
  7. Airsoft Guns for Sale
    Classic Army Nemesis Gen2 MK18 Notes: Rifle is about 3 years old. Only been fielded once. (Too busy with work) - Shipping to U.S. only Price: $200 obo (no trades) Base Gun Modifications - Wired to Deans - Replaced original external barrel with a 10.3" barrel - Downgraded spring to M100 to...
  8. What Gun Should I Get?
    I have been researching airsoft for the last week and it is so frustrating. Every video I watch and then fall in love with the gun i find it is out of stock and impossible to get. Dozens of hours wasted. Can anyone help me out with these specs? I want a stock M4A1 carbine I want all metal...
  9. Airsoft Guns for Sale
    Rules: -All items are described to the best of my ability -Paypal, trade, or face to face transactions ONLY -Shipping will be USPS unless you request otherwise -Shipping will be calculated based on package weight, dimensions, and Zipcode shipped to -Once items have left my hands I am no longer...
  10. Gas Powered Guns
    New project on page 2 picked up a TM mws from RWA, took about a month to get here. All the accessories came before the gun arrived lol: RS KAC grip and rail covers KAC style tracer cover (Acetech lighter tracer) PEQ 15 with ir/green dot/400lmn white light clone Acog 4x32 fiber optic UTG...
  11. Airsoft Guns for Sale
    Please no trades at this time. Payment through Paypal G&S. Prices include shipping. Message for more details or specific pictures of items. Timestamp: Pictures for all items: |ITEM|PRICE|JOULES/RPS|ITEMS INCLUDED|OTHER INFO| |King Arms Full Metal Colt M4A1 AEG|$225 shipped|1.1J/18RPS|As...
  12. Airsoft Guns for Sale
    Hey all, I haven't touched this thing in years and it's becoming a hassle in my closet. My Loss is your gain because I need it gone. I will pay for the shipping (Within Reason I might ask to split it if it's a insane amount) I am only looking for $140 OBO. Comes with 3 Pmags- Haven't checked...
  13. Airsoft Guns for Sale
    Colt marked 14.5 in carbine with five magazines, an adjustable FPS nozzle, and a standard nozzle. All of the magazines are leak free and feed smoothly. Bolt lock actuates every single time, even with surprisingly little gas left in the magazine. There is paint wear on the M4 but everything...
  14. Beginners Forum
    I just bought a new ASR-116 from Evike, and I have no idea how to remove the orange tip from this gun. I can’t even take the rail guards off because of this orange tip/(kind of)integrated suppressor. Can anyone tell me how to remove this without hurting the gun and barrel? Edit: There are NO...
  15. Airsoft Guns for Sale
    Hello! I'm going to start by saying that I know very little about airsoft guns, so please pardon my ignorance. I used to make short action films for awhile, and used airsoft guns for a lot of them. I purchased five Well Airsoft M4A1 Carbine Spring Rifles, a P169 Pistol, a gas powered grenade...
  16. Airsoft Images & Video
    Hey guys, Me and my friend made a video where we talk about what gun you should get that fits your playstyle, but we also show our own weapons and how we modified it to fit our playstyle. Enjoy! if you can't see the video place - watch?v=CbSyWlqZkl4 - behind
  17. What Gun Should I Get?
    Hey guys, Me and my friend made a video where we talk about what gun you should get that fits your playstyle, but we also show our own weapons and how we modified it to fit our playstyle. Enjoy! if you can't see the video place - watch?v=CbSyWlqZkl4 - behind
  18. Airsoft Guns for Sale
    WTS or trade KJW Tanio Koba M4 GBB. I have 2 mags for it, one HPA tapped. Sight/optic/grip/stock not included, it will come with a black LE stock. This is a really great rifle, but all my friends run WE techs so we can't share mags. I'd want to trade for any we tech M4/416. NO AEGS. NO SMGS...
  19. General Accessory Discussion
    I have a AEG M4A1 and need to downgrade the spring to 330 fps or below for a CQB game. Everytime I look online spring guns show up and not the springs themselves, and I can't find any springs that are 330 or below. Can someone link me to a spring or something that is 330 FPS or below? This...
  20. Airsoft Guns for Sale
    UPDATE 22 SEP 19 All offers are welcome. Remember the price is negotiable! This is a tan SRC M4A1. Plastic body, metal RIS (I think). I do not know what is wrong with it but it currently does not work. Wired to the front. What you see is what you get. PM me any offers. Check my other...
1-20 of 73 Results