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  1. Parts and Accessories Classifieds
    Anything for this pistol maruzen airsoft p38 detachable I would be interested in buying! Maruzen Extension Barrel Set for P38 Detachable Maruzen Carbine Stock for Maruzen P38 Detachable Maruzen Extended Magazinefor P38 Detachable Maruzen Scope & Mount for P38 Detachable Willing to pay top...
  2. Wanted
    maruzen detachable i.e. MAN FROM UNCLE GUN "SPECIAL" if any one has a line on one of these or wants to sell theirs please get in touch. Will pay a premium for it! I just learned they came out several,years ago and I totally missed out as a result. Saw one on ebay the other day and it was sold...
1-2 of 2 Results