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  1. Scenarios & Milsim
    Hey y’all, I’m wanting to start doing higher level milsim like Milsim west and whatnot, however I know my current setup will not hold up to the standards I need. I’m looking for a pretty high quality high performance M4/AR-15 replica and I need some guidance on what brands and features I need to...
  2. Introductions
    Hey guys just joined this community. Joined because I have questions revolving around GBBRs. I want to build a clone of my ar and just want to narrow down things like quality between brands, realism, upgrades, etc. I mainly want to build a training rifle just so it isn't as expensive as...
  3. Pennsylvania Airsoft Forum
    I live in the Erie area and I was wanting to know if there are any big mil sim events that take place near Erie.
  4. General Airsoft Discussion
    So I'm going to this event in April for my first milsim sadly by my self...any way is anyone else going if so what team ?
  5. Airsoft Images & Video
    I just got this fancy new rifle for my birthday! I’m 22, by the way. Setup so far: Rifle (I found this part to be most crucial, as gun accessories do not actually possess the ability to shoot things by themselves...) Tan Bipod Foregrip Three Lug Flash Hider (It doesn’t exactly match the...
  6. Staging Area
    So I am making a mil sim scenario for me and a large group of friends and am stumped on faction names. The basic storyline is that the US is in anarchy and a dozen or so warring factions have emerged. Two of them: one from Texas and another from Florida are battling over the South, and that is...
  7. Kansas Airsoft Forum
    Hello there, I am in command of a Mil-Sim airsoft group around iola ks. This is about 30 minutes from Fort Scott Ks, or about 90 minutes south of Kansas City. We currently have a team of about 10, one offensive and one defensive team with 5 respectively. We are wanting to expand and are looking...
  8. Georgia Airsoft Forum
    Operation wildcat Team M.U.T.T Airsoft is hosting a mil-sim operation on June the 20th from 8:00 am to 7:30 pm. Our Field is about fifteen acres large and has a couple small villages throughout the field. It is completely free to play at our event all we ask is that you text 470-295-5587 so we...
1-8 of 8 Results