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  1. Airsoft Guns for Sale
    Tokyo marui m4a1 carbine Includes 1 outside battery (one other I have doesn't work so the case for it is included) Silencer wide muzzle flash 4 50 count magazines 3 300 hi round mags with 1 500 round 2 grips 1 with tripod Gun sling magazine speed loader. Eotech replica hologram sight...
  2. General Accessory Discussion
    I bought the Elite Force M4 CFR and just took the plastic muzzle break off, and bought a metal one, but just came to figure out that appariently my rifle has clockwise (positive) threads. Does anybody know of any muzzle devices with clockwise threads around $10 or under? (Metal - preferrably...
  3. General Airsoft Discussion
    I've heard people say my gun said it had ____ muzzle velocity but it actually shoots ____ FPS. Are people just estimating the muzzle velocity on there guns or are they actually testing it? I would like to know how to test the power of my gun.
1-3 of 3 Results