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  1. New York Airsoft Forum
    The airsoft scene really needs to grow here in the Capital Region and surrounding counties. Our team uses Capital Combat Zone as our home field and we meet new players every visit! Come play this Sunday (May 13th) !! You can check out team out now on Instagram and YouTube by searching Wildlands...
  2. New York Airsoft Forum
    New York Battlegroup is Recruiting! By CO. Fisher of NYBG Introduction. We are a local youth group in the Westchester area. We focus on teaching our members military customs and courtesies, as well as protocols for risk management and much more. We set up meetings as much as possible so that...
  3. What Gun Should I Get?
    Hey guys I've been into airsoft since i was 10. I am 16 now and I currently own my second gun. It is an AEG M4. I haven't played much because I lived in South Korea where it was pretty much impossible to own one. So now that I've moved here I am looking to getting something nice OR looking for...
  4. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    (CANCELLED) WTB HPA or super nice AEG *M4 I am on the market for either a polarstar, wolverine inferno or smp. It must be an M4/M16 gun. *I am not a cqb guy* MUST MEET UP NO TRADES OR SHIPPING I play at ZULU 24 in New York. I an go anywhere near where I am too. I want to test fire the gun...
  5. Staging Area
    Superbowl XLVI Discuss Here I'll be streaming it online in the UK. :D Got beer, pizza and energy drink. Should be fun.
  6. Introductions
    Hey guys my name is Joe from NY, I've been airsofting for four years now on a semi regular basis. I have a decent amount of experience buying and selling guns, and have a pretty well sized collection. I love woodland play (not so much cqb). Cheers!
  7. Staging Area
    Red Sox or Yankees? VOTE PLEASE.
  8. New York Airsoft Forum
    I live in Lakewood NY by Buffalo. Im looking for decent airsoft fields in western New York. I have seem to have found three: Hunters Creek Airsoft Field, South Wales GRC Paintball Field, Angelica Anderson Acres, Franklinville If any knows more about these fields or know of any more in western NY...
  9. Pennsylvania Airsoft Forum
    I can't seem to find any airsoft fields in western New York or northwestern PA. I would prefer strictly airsoft fields but I guess paintball fields are ok. The only ones that I seem to find are around Pittsburgh which is a three hour drive for me so I'm looking for something a bit closer for me...
  10. New York Airsoft Forum
    my friends and i have created a non-presdiential/politcal fun club in albany ny we have a game every three weeks and depending on weather in the winter we'd like to have a few so any one in the albany ny area plz contat me for more information. This group is mainly teenagers, any adults...
1-10 of 10 Results