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  1. North Carolina Airsoft Forum
    I may be moving to Asheville soon and I'm worried I won't be able to play as much airsoft as I would be here in Cali. I want to know the best field that isn't too far from the Asheville area
  2. North Carolina Airsoft Forum
    Hey everybody I'm relatively new to the Jacksonville area and will be getting all my airsoft stuff at the beginning of January, I'm looking for fields to play at around Jacksonville or the surrounding areas. The max distance I'm willing to travel from Jacksonville is 2 hours for a good field. Or...
  3. North Carolina Airsoft Forum
    Kinda new to the sport would like to get into it and find places to play jacksonvile nc area
  4. North Carolina Airsoft Forum
    Hey guys! im new to this forum so excuse my errors Im 17 and a very experienced player, i have been playing for the past 9 years. i have 2 Polarstar's and extensive gear. I want to get into milsim because i plan on joining the army after college, are there any teams that are accepting players...
  5. North Carolina Airsoft Forum
    I'm 15 and I'm looking for an team in airsoft to play on, it says i live in NY but ill be moving soon. Right now i'm running a lancer tactical LT-12T and i plan on upgrading it soon. i plan on playing milsim or at least a outdoor field. Thank you! :)
  6. North Carolina Airsoft Forum
    iv got a field in kyle's creek Hendersonville, The Field is free and on private land, it's outdoors woodland, ther is a creek so I recommend wearing some good boots, There Is enough room that there will be CQB and long Range Engagements, but without players there is no fun, Reply here or message...
  7. North Carolina Airsoft Forum
    Admins delete this post please, it is no longer needed. Thank you.
1-7 of 7 Results