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  1. Parts and Accessories Classifieds
    Anything for this pistol maruzen airsoft p38 detachable I would be interested in buying! Maruzen Extension Barrel Set for P38 Detachable Maruzen Carbine Stock for Maruzen P38 Detachable Maruzen Extended Magazinefor P38 Detachable Maruzen Scope & Mount for P38 Detachable Willing to pay top...
  2. Wanted
    maruzen detachable i.e. MAN FROM UNCLE GUN "SPECIAL" if any one has a line on one of these or wants to sell theirs please get in touch. Will pay a premium for it! I just learned they came out several,years ago and I totally missed out as a result. Saw one on ebay the other day and it was sold...
  3. Gas Powered Guns
    Both WE P38 black and silver versions are released at the same time. Slide, frame and barrel are all made of aluminum alloy. The outer barrel has retained the traditional WE style and can be fitted with a dedicated silencer. So now the P38 has both long (L) and short (S) options. P38S has a...
1-3 of 3 Results