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  1. Parts and Accessories Classifieds
    I offer software for DOMINATOR project from year 2018. It is usable for Airsoft, Paintball sports for game mode DOMIANTION (Capture Point). There are two versions, one is using RFID entry with compatible cards, wristbands, second is using standard hardware pushbuttons for user entry...
  2. General Accessory Discussion
    Hello. In the past, I have programmed for one Airsoft team a DOMINATOR with wireless editing that enabled the RFID reader (NFC) and compatible cards / keyboards. This device can be widely use for sports like Airsoft, Paintball, Nerf Wars, etc. Principle of functionality: The game uses 4...
  3. General Airsoft Discussion
    So i have an old Paintball tank, The Empire Painball 3000psi and im wondering if this will work if i HPA tap my pistol. Thank you.
  4. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Just looking to get into airsoft. A nice AEG is preferred. I have a black Shocker SFT with an upgraded 14" All American barrel. I could easily sell my shocker for around 200 so I'd like something that is about equal value. Pics available upon request.
  5. Gun Building, Modifications & Repairs
    I am looking for an ACR airsoft gun Broken Or newer I mostly need the outside shell I can trade paintball guns and or my dye pack and pods Please if you have one, message back and give me a price Thank You.
  6. Introductions
    Im sort-of new to the Airsoft scene.. So any tips, or whatever would be cool :) For my first gun, im going for a E90 Full metal, or a 36K Full metal. Thoughts? (And this is a little something i make on some website.. :P Like it?
1-6 of 6 Results