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  1. Electric Guns
    I've recently purchased this gun and ordered a 7.4v lipo to run in it. the gun fires flawlessly until it doesn't. I have no idea why it stops shooting in semi auto but it only works again when i unplug and re-plug the battery. I've tried this with a 9.6v NiMh also. I made sure both of the...
  2. General Airsoft Discussion
    I’ve tried three diffrent barrell assmeblies for my 1911 Tac and all of them have either consistently shot down or up. I’ve adjusted the hopup and nothing works. It isn’t the issue where the hop is gets pushed back because I have checked multiple times. I don’t have a box to send it in for...
  3. Gun Building, Modifications & Repairs
    Hey guys I'm just beside myself here... I took my armalite full metal m15a4 to a tech to get a mosfet installed a year ago... 2 trigger contact failures after only 15,000 shots in and I'm just just about ready to toss this gun or scrapping for parts and tech practice... This gun is a nightmare...
1-3 of 3 Results