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  1. Gas Powered Guns
    so i bought a WE GBB MSK and i love it but i have a few questions i hope you guys could help me with first of all the gun came with two very thin "rings" like a seal to something.... i split the gun open and looked for places they could sit but could not find anything that indicated a use of...
  2. Sniper Rifles
    I've seen pictures of scopes mounted on rifles with rails actually on top of the scope itself. I was wondering whether or not this was a part of some kind of special scope rings that I would need to buy, or maybe if it only works with a certain kind of scope, etc. If anyone has any information...
  3. General Airsoft Discussion
    I want to make my customized shotgun, which has a standard m4 rail on it, a sniper, so, i am wondering if this will fit on my shotgun, and JG M4 Stubby Killer rail. They are both standard assault rifle weaver rails or whatever they are called. Leapers 30mm High Profile Scope Rings by...
1-3 of 3 Results