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  1. Tactics & Strategies
    Hello Airsofters, I was sitting around playing Rainbow Six Siege when I had to 1v1 against a Montagne (He is an character in the game that has the ability to deploy a full-body ballistic shield, giving him protection from head to toe) and needless to say, I got clapped. But then this made me...
  2. Airsoft Images & Video
    Hello there, So me and my friend love CQB fights, so we always wanted a riot shield. But we didn't had the money for it, So we tried to build one ourselfs. Hope you guys enjoy!
  3. Miscellaneous Weaponry
    I've been constructing a load out similar to SF-911 Which is essentially a Cambodian counter-terrorist unit. My loadout is basically throwing SF-911 and SWAT into a blender to create some special for my cqb field. Some ideas I have are Riot Shield Landmines Masterkey Remote-Detonated Grenades...
1-3 of 3 Results