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  1. What Gun Should I Get?
    Hello airsofters! I was wondering if anybody had any good recommendations on a good pistols to go with a ballistic shield, I use a fourteen pound shield that looks similar too G-52 tactical shield, but my shield's greatest asset is the three strobe lights on the front, and how strobe lights...
  2. What Gun Should I Get?
    Which novritsh secondary is better the ssp1 or ssp18.?
  3. What Gun Should I Get?
    Hey, I need help choosing between the two guns. Both guns are within my budget and I'm using them as secondary. My primary is a sniper rifle (JG Bar 10 G spec) and I'll often play in CQB indoors. I like both guns and they are exactly in my budget. Personally, I do not like pistols because they...
1-3 of 3 Results