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  1. Tactics & Strategies
    I find that when I move while shooting my gun sways a bit that cause my shots to fly way off target. Does anyone have any movement, stance, gun holding tips for me that will help me keep my gun more stable when shooting on the move?
  2. Articles
    I came across this one recently as a bit of entertaining and possibly informative light reading on how to win a gun fight. Good luck if you are ever in one!
  3. Washington Airsoft Forum
    Cowboy Shooting Competition April 7 th @ The Rockin M Ranch Rice, Wa Cost 10 dollars to enter each class, either lever action or two six guns. Winner takes all! The Rusty Spur Saloon is getting a automated target system! Comes with 12 targets errr Dillon gang members! Come out and have a good...
  4. Gas Powered Guns
    Hi, So I just recently bought a WE G18C and decided to do a few upgrades on it. I replaced the loading nozzle with an Angel Custom one from Evike, along with the piston head with an Angel DYNA piston head. I have also upgraded the inner barrel with a 6.01mm barrel and replaced the recoil...
  5. Beginners Forum
    My first thread , don't flame too much please I've found that if you aim and fire at a target (practicing) , when you take the first shot you should look up and trace the BB : what way the wind's blown it ,how fast its going , ect ect. This lets you achknoledgewhat way the wind is blowing...
1-5 of 5 Results