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  1. Airsoft Images & Video
    It's freaking 9 months ago i last played :( #givemesummer
  2. General Airsoft Discussion
    IMG_3263 by Bullpup GOD posted Jan 31, 2018 at 11:06 PM This is my WIP speedsoft loadout. I plan on getting a dye i4 or similar mask, but need to save up some money since I just bought the sick M4 in the picture from Trooperx. Give feedback on what to improve and what I should add/take away.
  3. Georgia Airsoft Forum
    Hello guys, me and some friends started a speedsim team called High Velocity, and we are recruiting. We are looking for players with an aggressive play style, preferably a speedsoft playstyle. We are looking for players that have at least 6 months of play and have their own equipment. No...
  4. Gas Powered Guns
    Looking at buying a GBB SMG to put a Tapp airsoft drum mag on. Looking at the KWA MP9, KWA MP7, or an APS Shark Full Auto in a carbine kit. Which gun will be the best for CQB? I know the MP7 and MP9 will have better range than the APS, but which one would be the easiest to maintain, clean, and...
  5. Wanted
    Looking to buy a dye i4 or similar mask to replace my current goggles and steel lower setup. Looking for the cost to be less than $80 shipped. Anything like a dye i4, i5, HK Army KLR, Virtue Vio, Sly Profit, Empire EVS, etc. Color doesnt matter too much, and a mirrored or tinted lens is...
  6. General Airsoft Discussion
    Hey guiys! Been playing airsoft fairly casually since I was 11 and have started to get more serious. My friends kinda suck at it and i wouldn't want to make a team with them. Anyways I play exclusively at Power Ops due to it being closest to my house, 15 minutes compared to 45 for the next...
  7. General Airsoft Discussion
    So, im getting tired of playing slow paced and tactical decked out in baggy BDUs and heavy gear. Speedsoft seems so much more interesting. Fast Paced, close range, and in general a bit less serious compared to milsim. I know speedsoft gets allot of hate, but i think its fun. I already have a...
  8. California Airsoft Forum
    Check out this video from the 1st ever Tac City SpeedQB invitational!
  9. California Airsoft Forum
    Come join us at Tac City in Fullerton Sunday August 23 for the SPEEDQB Invintational Click here for more info:
1-12 of 12 Results