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  1. What Gun Should I Get?
    I have had a very standard m4 cqb aeg from tippman. I live in California so it's usually not that cold here. I having trouble deciding between a gbb or co2 first of all? The gun I have been saving up for is the hk416 full metal. I have about 600 dollars saved up just can't make up mind. I don't...
  2. Airsoft Guns for Sale
    UPDATE 22 SEP 19 All offers are welcome. Remember the price is negotiable! This is a tan SRC M4A1. Plastic body, metal RIS (I think). I do not know what is wrong with it but it currently does not work. Wired to the front. What you see is what you get. PM me any offers. Check my other...
1-2 of 2 Results