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  1. Clothing / Gear
    Hello everyone, I am professional propmaker, based in Austria, with a focus on airsoft-grade products such as helmets, armor as well as gun-modifications and soon even airsoft guns built from scratch. In this thread I would like to share with you some previous work and love to hear your...
  2. Clothing / Gear
    I have been playing game called stalker for some time and in that time i didn't had any knowledge about airsoft and cosplaying but recent airsoft game made me start to think about it. My idea is to make Sunrise Bodysuit armor replica or close to it And i was wondering what could be your thoughts...
  3. Ohio Airsoft Forum
    Event Location: 6798 Little Buckhorn Road, Stone Creek, OH 43840, USA Entry Fee: $20 Minimum Age: 12 Maximum FPS (Indoor): 350 semi only Maximum FPS (Outdoor): 400 full auto, 500 for bolt action Minimum required safety equipment: (under 18) full face protection Magazine restrictions: 1 hicap or...
1-3 of 3 Results