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  1. Airsoft Guns for Sale
    Hi Everyone, I have a lot of discontinued guns that has been in my storage unit for years. Most of these guns are test fired, stored in original box, and have never seen a field. Only the CA M4 Carbine and KSC USP saw field use. I have a link below to the listing along with pictures of...
  2. Airsoft Guns for Sale
    Base ARES STAR SL-9 G&G steel outer barrel kit (originally only offered as half a $260 RIS kit) TSD folding steel g36 bipod SRC 3x zoom railed carry handle New magwell shimmed to feed perfectly G&G steel pin set for G36 UAC Fiber Optic set into front iron sight on the scope -Gearbox-...
  3. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Alright so let me start off by saying this gun is my baby. Ive put countless amounts of upgrades into her but, im torn. Im starting college and need money, plus i havnt played in almost a year maybe more. I know its against the rules but honestly i cant put a price on the gun, if you're...
  4. Gun Building, Modifications & Repairs
    Hello everyone, I have some questions regarding my M249 and problems I am having with it. Hopefully you guys can help point me in the right direction. A bit of background information: This gun is at least 3 years old, and was in complete disuse until I bought it from my friend for $50...
  5. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Ver 2 Gen 2 Red nozzle Will come with a redline regulator and an amped airsoft line. May also include 90/4500 Ninja tank. Text (916) 730-5350 for pictures or offers. Hasn't seen action in almost two years.
  6. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    ****PRICE REDUCED**** LIMITED edition VFC KA SR-15 with p* FIRESALE. HUGE DEAL. $800 - Princeton, New Jersey PRICE NEGOTIABLE. NEED THIS GONE QUICK. So first off, my reason for selling this is that I want to buy a FCC. Yes all of you can yell at me for doing so but the sad fact of the matter...
1-8 of 8 Results