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  1. Introductions
    Currently serving USAF as a SSgt. Looking to join a team!
  2. Texas Airsoft Forum
    Hay, New to the DFW Area, and looking for a group to play with at D14 Airsoft. Will be heading down to D14 on Aug 21st and bi-weekly from there. any takers on carpooling or just joining up as a squad?
  3. Colorado Airsoft Forum
    We'll be meeting up on mt. Herman in monument colorado on friday march 12th at 1700. Comment here or DM me if you're interested. (Only allowed 26 people at this time so gotta keep tabs on attendance) As for rules and what not all I ask is to use the honor system. No guns shooting over 600fps...
  4. General Airsoft Discussion
    I currently Live in Victorville, Ca. Will be going to Battle Lab Ontario to play. Currently a solo player which is fine but would like to have a group or someone to hang with at Battle Lab. Don't really check this often if you would like. message me in snap: ojonathano
  5. Texas Airsoft Forum
    looking to get a team or just some guys to go play with and maybe do some milsim with. Just PCS'd here early Aug. and looking for people who want to play.
  6. Arizona Airsoft Forum
    I have myself and a friend that are new to the airsoft world and would love to join up with a team that would at first help us get off of the ground with familiarity with the game/rules/etc. and just having people to skirmish with. We would be renting equipment right off the bat before...
  7. California Airsoft Forum
    Hey guys, Trying to create a major MilSim team in SoCal. I want to merge three to four teams into a major unit. Each team keeps its original name and recruits independently, but we all work under one banner, essentially like a military company with seperate platoons. If interest feel free to...
  8. Georgia Airsoft Forum
    Hello guys, me and some friends started a speedsim team called High Velocity, and we are recruiting. We are looking for players with an aggressive play style, preferably a speedsoft playstyle. We are looking for players that have at least 6 months of play and have their own equipment. No...
  9. New York Airsoft Forum
    New York Battlegroup is Recruiting! By CO. Fisher of NYBG Introduction. We are a local youth group in the Westchester area. We focus on teaching our members military customs and courtesies, as well as protocols for risk management and much more. We set up meetings as much as possible so that...
  10. General Airsoft Discussion
    Hey guiys! Been playing airsoft fairly casually since I was 11 and have started to get more serious. My friends kinda suck at it and i wouldn't want to make a team with them. Anyways I play exclusively at Power Ops due to it being closest to my house, 15 minutes compared to 45 for the next...
  11. Beginners Forum
    I am currently looking for a team that is located in or around Omaha or council Bluffs area. I have a Spring action M4/Sniper and a semi auto gas pistol. I have a full set of armor and camo.
  12. Delaware Airsoft Forum
    Hey guess we are a airsoft team located in southern delaware check us out here: as well as looking for new team members we are also looking for other teams to partner with for events and teams to practice and have fun with. You can contact me on here or go to our...
  13. Texas Airsoft Forum
    Hey guys! I am looking to set up an airsoft match, but (obviously) I need players. I live in the northeast area of Houston, but from any area reachable is fine. Almost anyone welcome! The more people the better If anyone wants any information, just PM me. I will answer any questions. (Area...
  14. Texas Airsoft Forum
    Just moved to Houston/Spring area a couple years ago, recently received all my old gear. So with that being said I'm looking for any milsim players that do major events (24hr,48hr,72hr). Also wouldn't mind to find a group that plays every weekend or just friendly help to point me in the right...
  15. Introductions
    Hello guys, new to the site, just checking if there are others close by the Torrance area and are interested in getting together for some shooting games. A new team in the area perhaps? See you in the field. Martin
  16. Texas Airsoft Forum
    Im newish to the game I have played before but I would love to take it to the next level and play more as a team and tactical not just running and gunning I would like to actually get a group of guys to go and mess to some stuff up. I would greatly appreciate feed back as well and if you...
  17. Staging Area
    So I am making a mil sim scenario for me and a large group of friends and am stumped on faction names. The basic storyline is that the US is in anarchy and a dozen or so warring factions have emerged. Two of them: one from Texas and another from Florida are battling over the South, and that is...
  18. Massachusetts Airsoft Forum
    Based out of Leominster, MA in north-central Worcester county, L-TAC is made up of about 35 members and is always recruiting. We have members with both civilian and military occupations, and have no restrictions on joining. We can be reached at "Leominster Tactical" on Facebook, or comment on...
  19. Michigan Airsoft Forum
    Hi I'm just getting started in the sport of airsoft I've been playing for a little over a month, on weekends mainly, and I'm looking for a serious group of players get together with. I have a background with nerf, played with friends, and I've helped a few soldiers plan out some training exercises.
  20. General Airsoft Discussion
    Sooooooo Im not going to sugar-coat the reasoning for this post. We havent been on here in nearly a year and I just remembered I have an account. I doubt any of you will remember RMA because we were only on here for like..pffft. A few weeks. We had some issues with members but now things are...
1-20 of 39 Results