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  1. Introductions
    Hello my name is Badger from Alimo I am a member of the southern airsoft coalition. we are a group of teams in the southern US that have come together to try and rebuild the community surrounding the sport. we are a big part of the community in Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama and have reached...
  2. Georgia Airsoft Forum
    I am looking to join a team in the southern part of Georgia. I live in Vidalia and I am looking for a team that is only an hour and a half to two hours away. If you are recruiting please PM me so that we can talk. Thank you.
  3. Canada
    I'm looking for some people that like outside (field/forest) combat, and want to play at combat pursuit field in Locust Hill. To start up a small team just for some fun and make some new friends. Email me at [email protected] if you want to talk with me directly otherwise, well this is a...
  4. Clothing / Gear
    Does anyone have any recommendations on creating custom team patches? Like what company to use (or not use), design ideas, etcetera?
  5. California Airsoft Forum
    Hey Airsofters! Come join Strate Tactics Airsoft. We are a team of about 15 players looking for more players to join us. We are a team that attacks, we dont camp, and we love action if that is the type of player that you are join us. We also upgrade guns of our members and we put videos of...
  6. Tennessee Airsoft Forum
    i'm Looking for players in the middle Tennessee area who play at Cartcon1 and Bad karma text me for more info at (615-602-7949) looking for ages 15 and up only right now.:cool::cool::cool:
  7. Pennsylvania Airsoft Forum
    Welcome to the Pennsylvania Networking System. This thread was created to organize both airsoft players and airsoft teams all across Pennsylvania. This thread will ultimately create a unique location where all airsoft players and airsoft teams may be found for both recruitment and recruiting. So...
  8. Arizona Airsoft Forum
    Hey everybody, I'm looking to join an 18 and up team. I have experience in airsoft, but I am just getting back into it after a few years off and I'd like to play more regularly. Let me know if any of you have space on your team.
  9. California Airsoft Forum
    Hey guys, My name's Terra and I'm one of the managers at West Coast. We're looking to reach out to more teams by sponsoring them! We only have two airsoft teams that regularly play at West Coast and we want to change that. The perks for being a home team: * $5.00 discount on admission for...
  10. California Airsoft Forum
    We are looking to play with new people, we generally hit SC Village and other Southern California fields. I already have 3 people committed to going out at least twice a month. We have a meet up started where we post all information of where we go and when we play. We are looking for positive...
  11. Rules of Engagement
    I just looking for a small team that my tram can battle with around northeastern oklahoma. Sometime in january or feburary would be great.
  12. Nevada Airsoft Forum
    Under the heading of "meetups" I'm posting this thread for those people searching for teams in the area but don't take the time to read all the posts in the lv threads feel free to post your teams here. I run team Fatal Missions Inc. My first in comand is sellersjason13 aka Kodiak and yes we...
1-12 of 12 Results