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  1. Texas Airsoft Forum Just trying to get the word out about the first proper airsoft in the area since Castle Airsoft closed down in 2016. It's a very WIP field and website but it's nice to see something besides private-ish woodsball in the area.
  2. Airsoft Guns for Sale
    Tippmann M4 Carbine Airsoft Gas Blowback CO2 or HPA: $ 225.00 w/ 5 Low Cap Magazine with CO2 compatible: 12.00 ea Total: $60.00 All Plus Shipping from Texas 78210 I am flexible on price but this is a steal with the excellent condition and the extra magazines. This is hands down the best...
  3. Texas Airsoft Forum
    TICKET REGISTRATION SHUTS DOWN Monday, January 29th! Tickets here: Don't miss out on this Milsim event at the Scarborough Renaissance Festival in Waxahachie Tx 4 hours from Houston 3 hours from OKC 1 hour south of DFW Tickets...
  4. Texas Airsoft Forum
    We know you guys of been eagerly awaiting Overwatch Tactics to announce our first Milsim game in Texas. While we can't give you the exact location, we do have these classified images that won't be available for release to the public until we go live with the event on Monday, November 27th,2017...
  5. Site Help and Suggestions
    Tired of the same maps and highly restrictive rules? No Man's Land is an adults-only airsoft venue and community that offers exclusive non-mainstream maps with lower entry fees and less rules. Check out the website at and our Facebook page. There's an event N.M.L. is endorsing...
  6. Texas Airsoft Forum
    878 Airsoft will be hosting thier first swap meet and open play on May 21st. Grab a table, tent and turn that old gear/guns into $$'s. We will be running open skirmish play for only $15! 878 Airsoft 4020 FM 878 Waxahachie Texas 76165
  7. Texas Airsoft Forum We're adding 200 tons of crushed concrete to the parking area to keep you and your car out of the mud! 878 Airsoft 4020 FM 878 Waxahachie Texas, 76165 972-AIRSOFT
  8. Texas Airsoft Forum
    I am looking for anyone to join my airsoft team. I am going to be hosting a lot of wars, so feel free to contact me! [email protected] Or reply to this thread!
  9. Texas Airsoft Forum
    Anybody that plays airsoft in DFW area here? I'm looking for people, or a team to play with! I'm about to start going to D14 in sanger
  10. Texas Airsoft Forum
    OP: Green Zone 4- Sept. 5, 2015 $50 pre entry Orange, TX Click to pre-register: With the fall of the Pro-Alfassi regime, no military threat remained in the northern hillside of Saudi Arabia. With no viable threat remaining in the area, the Taliban decides to...
1-10 of 10 Results