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  1. General Airsoft Discussion
    Hello airsoft community, I've come to a predicament here. I'm an avid airsoft player, and am looking for a new loadout, something new, something different. So I made a list of many loadouts I could have chosen from, and I've narrowed it down to 3, and I'll explain my reasons. The following will...
  2. Clothing / Gear
    Hey Guys and Girls! As I'm joining a military unit which is often at exhibitions and stuff, I'd need a black adjustable balaclava with a very slim fit (maybe for women?), as I've got a small head. For reference - I've already tested a few Under Armour Balaclavas and they were ways too big. It...
  3. Gear Classifieds Selling a bunch of US WW2 Airborne fieldgear that I used to use for airsoft. All details are in the Ebay listing. Ships for free US only and I am accepting offers.
  4. Clothing / Gear
    Are there any US based companies/distributors that sell Flyye Gear?
  5. Connecticut Airsoft Forum
    Location. Ground Zero Airsoft USA CT. Price. $35 Time. October 25, 6pm-11pm. Do you want epic zombie action! Look no further, The Great North East Zombie Fest is here! There will be zombies. There will be infected quarantine zones filled with loot... or zombie viruses. There will be a mad...
1-5 of 5 Results