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  1. UTG Battery Rail

    One of the stand-out features of the UTG Sport Model 4 lineup was the optional handguard / RIS which had a trap door mechanism designed to allow you to run a truely massive NiMH battery pack. To my knowledge, this was a unique item.
  2. Stock UTG Sport Model 4

    Only the orange tip isn't original - the stock one was painted (I have it, but for display this KWA one looks better). This AEG was a box queen when I found it, never been to a field to my knowledge. I decided to preserve it instead of reconfigure and modernize it :)
  3. UTG Sport Model 4 Trades

    Close-up of the trades on this series. The 'Lion Head' design includes a subtle UTG in it
  4. UTG Sport Model 4

    ~2008 UTG Sport Model 4 reconfigured for CQB. This particular one has a 4" tubular handguard with a recessed TM tracer unit that's been modified to hold a UVT 106 2.0 in the front with a open chamber in the back. Currently DSG, all Lonex Maxx etc.
  5. UTG Sport CQB

    ~2009 UTG Sport Model 4 'Combat Commando' reconfigured for CQB. This one has a 4" quad rail from a KWA SR5. Currently DSG, all Lonex Maxx etc.
  6. Airsoft Guns for Sale
    Hey y'all. I bought this gun a few years ago with the plan of commissioning a custom russian-style SV98 stock for it, but all the local outdoor fields closed down and there wasn't much use for a bolt-action gun. I never got around to upgrading anything, as far as I know it's 100% stock, and I...
  7. Airsoft Guns for Sale
    I have 2 L96's, they are both inoperative currently. Need new trigger units. Highly recommend the Springer Custom Works S Trigger system. The UTG L96 has a spring that was pushing 528fps, upgraded cylinder, spring guide and piston. The other one is just a shell, both have barrel and hop up...
  8. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    $20 + Shipping UTG Adjustable Height Tactical Operation SWAT/Combat Profile Bipod Dimensions: 6.1"-7.9" H, Legs Measure 5.5"-7.4" L Materials: Aluminum, Steel, Rubber Compatibility: For most standard 20mm accessory rails Manufacturer: UTG Features: -Unique Panning feature allowing wider range...
  9. What Gun Should I Get?
    Just picked up the UTG Master Sniper Gen 5, not sure if i should return it and spend a bit more for a better rifle, any advice?
  10. Sniper Rifles
    Hi yall, been reading here for awhile and I decided it was time to come to of the dark. I have a UTG l96 on order and I was wondering if I got a EDGI Maruzen Type 96 6.01 barrel for stock hop-up, would it install into a completely stock L96? What kind of accuracy improvements would one see...
  11. General Airsoft Discussion
    For example of L96, different brands make them, and they look almost the same. However for Tokyo Marui, the price is around 300 USD but for UTG it is 150 USD with a scope. What are their major differences in quality? Some one please give me some guide. Thank you.
  12. Beginners Forum
    Is the Crosman Stinger S34P the same exact gun as all the other tri-shot shotguns? Out of the Crosman, UTG, and TSD guns, which is the highest quality? I am looking primarily for durability, followed by power, and last accuracy.
1-12 of 12 Results