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  1. Gear Classifieds
    PayPal F/F (or add 3.5% for G/S) or money order only Item will be shipped via USPS priority unless otherwise requested Once item is shipped it is no longer my responsibility Items are sold as-is and described to the best of my ability -------- As the title states, I am looking to unload a...
  2. Gear Classifieds
    Included: Jacket - Medium Long Pants - Medium Long... fits a 31-35 waist fine Boonie - 7&1/2... Large Asking $40 for it all. Email [email protected] if interested
  3. General Airsoft Discussion
    Does anyone know what camo this is? It looks similar to woodland but greener.
  4. Clothing / Gear
    Greetings all! I am from the UK and play mostly outdoor sites, and love the US Woodland camouflage. I think it would match up great with Scottish foliage I play in. I love the Navy Seal's Woodland style kit and would like to do a loadout themed around this. I have the basics for the loadout...
  5. Introductions
    Hey guys my name is Joe from NY, I've been airsofting for four years now on a semi regular basis. I have a decent amount of experience buying and selling guns, and have a pretty well sized collection. I love woodland play (not so much cqb). Cheers!
  6. General Accessory Discussion
    I recently got a boonie hat and pants of marpat camo (planning on getting shirt soon) and i was wondering if its as good as some people say it is...i think it looks great and will work better than standard woodland bdu but if anyone has more exp they like to share...pls do
1-6 of 6 Results