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✘ We are focused in mostly California in the US-West region. Our home is Camp Pendleton and soon Modern Airsoft which are both in Oceanside, CA.
✘ We like to hangout and have a good time. We also like to go and grab a bite and just chill and reflect on the day and just talk about fun stuff.
✘ Our colors are mainly black but if its an outdoor arena we tend to try to blend in.
✘ We like to play mostly indoor (CQB, SpeedQB) but we would also love to get a milsim team together.
✘ Down below you will find some requirements but we can always make acceptations. Hope to see you on the team. 😄

✘ 13+ yrs or older (small exceptions)
✘ Must live in the Southern California Area
✘ Must be able to get rides to fields of play


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