.12g bb's in AEG's

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  1. CallsignMortis

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    What is so bad about using seamless .12g bb's in an AEG? They are slightly cheaper than other bb's and can raise your gun's muzzle velocity. What are the negative aspects?
  2. Tactical_Skittles

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    Less range.

    More fliers.

    Doesn't hurt as much.

    Heavier BB's carry enough energy to reach longer ranges accurately and still have the momentum for your target to feel the hit. Do some reading on this forum and you will see that joules matter more than FPS.

  3. axlej11

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    They are more prone to breaking even if seamless IIRC. I wouldn't even use them in a springer.
  4. Noah_6

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    Raising your gun's muzzle velocity is a bad thing
  5. Airborne101

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    Not it's not, because you aren't changing the energy. KE=1/2mv^2. KE is a constant due to the spring. M is the mass of the bb. V is the velocity. So while velocity would go up by using a lighter bb, the energy will remain the same.

    Tactical Skittles hit the nail on the head.

    Just because velocity goes up, doesn't mean performance does. Heavier rounds hold their energy better than ligher rounds. In other words, they are less affected by external forces that act on them. In this case that is wind and air resistance. Air resistance slows the bb down, and wind can change the direction in which the bb flies. F=MA where F is a force such as air resistance or wind, M is the mass of the bb (a constant) and A is acceleration. For a given force, a heavier round will result in a lower acceleration, which ultimately means a lower change in direction or change in velocity. This is the biggest reason we don't use .12g and most people don't use light rounds. You wont see snipers using .12 or .20g rounds. You will see them using .36, .40, and heavier rounds.

    His second point of more fliers has to do with the consistency of the bb. While the outside may be seamless, the inside will likely have pockets of air rather than a homogeneous mixture of the plastic of the bb. Im not aware of companies making a quality .12g bb because they know serious players don't use them. That means that the .12g bbs that are out there aren't made well, and have air pockets, and inconsistent densities of material inside the bb. That can lead to spin that isn't on the center axis of the bb, which causes fliers.
  6. Noah_6

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    Goldenball does. Although their inconsistent flight pattern is still a problem. Goldenball BBs flatten instead of shatter.
  7. bryanman

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    I've considered using them indoors for a while now.

    When I first started out, my friends and I would use .12g bb's in guns from low to high quality. For about 2 years we used .12s IIRC, never saw one break inside a gun. Rocks, trees, etc, of course they shattered, but most weights do.

    Indoors range isn't really needed (Most arenas near me barely have anything over 20 feet), and there's no wind to account for.

    Has anyone else tried this?
  8. MADR77

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    I think you'd be fine using them in indoors. My only concern would be people who are wearing a PC might not hear the shots hit them and they definitely wont feel them. So you might be taking a risk in people not calling their hits.. It's happened to me several times at an indoor arena, and I was using .20s.
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    Nowy Targ
    I use .15 dragons in my tri shot for cqb. It gives better spread and i have yet to hit someone that did not call it. It gives a significent boost to the travel time of the bbs resulting in less time for your apponent to react. I have tried them in my aep as well but with less then 200fps they are to light and players dont feel them. Tri shot however pumps them at about 430-460 so ther are moving fast enough to be felt. I would never tried them in a normal aeg.
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