1892 Winchester mess

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    So I bought a used 1892 Winchester made by Sanjia. It cost me almost nothing and that is always a warning sign.

    The standard flip-up sight was not attached, instead, a mounting rail for sniper sights.

    One of the screws holding the mounting rail went straight in to the gas chamber, leaking gas.

    The barrel was loose, and, without any experience at all, I opened it, and found out it had broken.

    Epoxy fixed that, but the reloading system (which was the only thing working nicely before) had screwed itself over and gone to crap.

    Instead of taking a BB up and let the fireing system load it in, it took it up and then down before it could load it.

    This seemed to happen after I took it apart for the second or third time.

    I don't know how to fix these things properly.If some of you have any experience with lever-action airsoft guns, help!