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    Hey all just wanted to tag in on this thread.

    I'm new to airsoft- my son 12 is getting into it, and so we're playing at D-14 here in Texas. He's got a CQB eliete force AEG , 2 7.4 lipos, a hi cap, 5 mid caps a thunder B (?) grenade and a co2 non blow back pistol with two mags. He runs this all of a US palm plate carrier.

    Me : I've got a m187A sniper, a JG M4 RIS CQB, one hicap, 5 midcap, one 11.1 Lipo, the 8.4 nunchuck it came with, the same type of CO2 pistol and one extra mag. I'm not mil simming- I'm civi simming- I don't use full auto, or grenades... I run a us palm contractor plate carrier and hunting cammo. I'm using this play time to simulate what my real steel will perform like in close confines.

    I plan to get a glock lookalike gas pistol and run a duty holster when I can.

    What I'm really enjoying is the boneyard out there selling fix and dent deals.
    I've bought two so far and they are a fun puzzle to fix. So far so good. Simple problems. Sweet deals. My M187A was missing two scope screws, and could not zero hop-

    I made my first thread on it, because I figured that if they were gonna make a gun that can't zero hop light BBs then they might want to tell the consumer to only buy hard to find extra heavy .35-.40 Ammo - that or just keep selling them at a discount as boneyard because people figure guns should be able to Zero hop. Man I tell ya I got such a warm welcome from the sniper forum. They were so sensitive to my needs and responsive to my having detailed the fix on a problem that many/most might experience with other M187a. I was complimented and welcomed as a budding mendicant in that forum.

    But yeah ...it's a good site, and God love ya, I'll try to
    participate and share our adventures, and review our guns.

    See y'all around here!

    Shout out to :

    Kilt Clan, Texas Steel, Badger, Mark, and the crew at D14!!!!!
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    Welcome to the forum. Glad to see an airsoft sniper join.

    It's nice that your son introduced you to airsoft. I've tried to get my dad interested, but he think's it's only for kids.

    It's also cool that you're a real-steel shooter; it helps improve the community's image.

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    Ever since the rise in training costs for people that actually shoot. It has made at least four people I know buy target airsoft clones of what is actually owned out there. The gas blowback pistols are perfect for practice for CHL too.
    We're coming soft air - were coming around
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