2.5 inch WinGun Black Ops Revolver FIX?

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    This one!
    I bought a CO2-powered 2.5-in WinGun BlackOps revolver new on EBay for about $40. When it arrived, the orange cap was cracked inside of the packaging, implying that it had been dropped or stepped on. When I brought it to the field for testing, I saw that each BB (I tried 0.12, 0.20, and 0.32 gram) would go about 10 feet forward and then curve harshly to the left, making the gun completely useless.

    I've heard this could be a "bucking" issue. The gun has a fixed hop-up. Does anyone have any ideas of how I might go about fixing this issue? I'd rather not have to sell it as a prop gun and only get a fraction of the cost back.