2000's Woodland Navy Seal Loadout

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    Greetings all!

    I am from the UK and play mostly outdoor sites, and love the US Woodland camouflage. I think it would match up great with Scottish foliage I play in. I love the Navy Seal's Woodland style kit and would like to do a loadout themed around this. I have the basics for the loadout down but I have no idea what to wear in terms of vests, carriers, packs, drop legs etc...

    Kit so far

    Helikon Woodland Boonie
    Black T-Shirt
    Helikon Woodland BDU Shirt
    BLACKHAWK! Black Riggers Belt
    Mechanix Black Impact Gloves (Will be switching to an OD pair soon)
    Helikon Woodland BDU Trousers
    German Para Boots

    This gives me a great base to work from.

    If people could help with gear advice and links to reference pictures that would be great. Most reference pictures I could find were of 1/6th scale figures or Tears of the Sun stills, and a good few pictures that obscured the vests. My google skills are lacking!

    The picture included is the kind of look I want to go for, not necessarily that vest though.

    Many thanks!


    Edit: I forgot to mention this, but I found this blog post! http://iacmc.forumotion.com/t3571-2000s-greenside

    I think old school LBT gear is a bit out of my price range - so I think I am after replica gear or cheapish alternatives, even if they just look the part for this style of loadout.
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