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Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by Guiller, Feb 15, 2016.

  1. Guiller

    Guiller New Member

    Price Range: over $300
    Type of Gun You Want: AEG
    Preferred Gun Models: M4
    What Role/Type of Play You Will Be Doing/Playing: Field / Assault

    Hi Guys!

    I would like to know your opinion about the best AEG available in the market nowadays.

    I always heard about G&G, VFC and KWA. Lately, I heard a lot about ARES (AMOEBA), ICS and Krytac

    I'm looking for the "best all around out-of-the-box" AEG, regardless the price.

    My top contenders are:

    • ARES/AMOEBA M4 Octarms X 13 inch
    • G&G TR4-18 416 EBB Long Barrel
    • ICS Transform4 CXP EBB Long Rifle
    • Krytac Trident SPR or LVOA M4
    • KWA KR14
    • VFC/Umarex M27 IAR

  2. AirsoftRyan778

    AirsoftRyan778 Active Member

    Check out g&p and VFC, they make some of the best m4s

  3. theonlyBuster

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    S. Florida
    Simply stated there is no single "Best" gun, but more on the likes of best AEG for your use within your desired parameters.

    That being said....
    EBB is nice, BUT there are small issues. With pneumatic blowback, the gun will be a bit less accurate and consistent because some of the air used to propel the BB will also be used to cycle the blowback action. Next to that, there is mechanical blowback, and this doesn't impact accuracy or consistency, but rather puts a bit more strain on your internals. That being said, if you plan on disabling this feature, you can ignore this entire paragraph, but if not, you have to choose where you want a slight downward curve.

    KWA is alright, but many well tell you that the performance isn't worth the price, and upgrading/replacing parts can be a bit of a pain due to the few amounts of various proprietary parts.

    Krytac has err dare I say proprietary bushing/bearing holes, which can also be a hassle, but many will agree that the performance is worth the price tag.

    Now this isn't to say that any of these guns are bad, but reverting back to my first sentence, the question is what works best for you and what little compromises can you make and still be happy?

    But if you're asking me, ICS is my favorite due to their split gearbox and thicker gearbox design. G&P is next up simply because they've been around for a while and are quite reliable. I put Krytac and Lonex in a "sister" boat because they've been rendering great results, BUT they're still new on the airsoft market.

    I'm not a fan of Ares (for my own reasons), but they're OK. They ACTUALLY have a quick-spring change gearbox and gun design, which is something I haven't been able to agree with respect to other manufactures who claim this. Quick Spring Change doesn't always equal Easy Spring Change. But if you're going for the honeybadger look, I personally (and admittedly biasly) think ICS did it better.

    VFC is nice, but I haven't used a new VFC gun in quite a few years, I lean towards G&P.
  4. Guiller

    Guiller New Member

    Nice overview, Buster!

    I've been playing for two years and I have the following airsoft guns:

    KWA SR10 (assault/field; stock)
    ARES AMOEBA 004 CCP (assault/CQB; stock)
    DMR Build (KA SIG SAUER 516 receiver + tons of high end parts)
    Cybergun Tanfoglio CO2 Custom Limited (backup pistol)
    KA Blaser R93 Sniper Rifle (don't like the "role". It's for sale)

    From my experience I realize that I prefer a stock gun, that is all around good out of the box. The only upgrades I'm confortable with are barrel/bucking/nub change. I realy don't like to have to upgrade the gearbox parts.

    I'm very happy with my SR10. Very consistent and I never had a problem with it (more then 10k bbs).

    On the other hand, my King Arms SIG SAUER 516 was a pain in the ***! The gearbox shell cracked with less than 1k rounds. The hop-up unit didn't hold the adjustment..... The only thing I realy liked was the fully ambidextrous operation. So, it was disassembled to donate some parts for my DMR build, basicly the lower and upper receivers.

    One thing I'm "trying to support" is the factory adtion of eletronic components (mosfet / eletronic triggers...) to AEGs. The unit adopted by ARES/AMOEBA is very nice! The trigger is awesome! Light, short, precise.

    I think AEGs has a lot to evolve. It's about time to see on AEGs some eltronic solutions already available on the paintball guns.

    All been said, I am going to look further on the ICS line. :)
  5. Kln75

    Kln75 Member

    If budget isn't an issue the umbrella armory customs that Evike carry are probably the best guns you can buy from a retailer right now.
  6. Kevin468

    Kevin468 New Member

    Best AEG is the Umbrella Armory O-Caw.

    $600-1200 DSG with BTC spectre/chimera

    Their website seems to be down, but you could preorder one of their aegs on evike.
  7. theonlyBuster

    theonlyBuster Active Member Lifetime Supporter

    S. Florida
    I would like to inquire as to why you think that's the best aeg, in your own words or course, but rather, I'll say your recommendation is well beyond the OP's specified budget.

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  8. Kevin468

    Kevin468 New Member


    Ops budget is 300+

    So.... I think that counts?

    I think it's the best since it's a prebuilt/tuned DSG with a BTC unit/seigetek gears.

    I'm not an aeg tech, but no one else offers those high end parts in their gearboxes.
    Don't you agree?
  9. Wingman703

    Wingman703 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Umbrella has been putting out very solid guns for a very long time. While I was not a fan of them in the begging, seeing the amount of effort/detail/perfection they put into their business has made me a fan of them.
    The Umbrella guns are hands down THE best AEG's on the market currently(when your budget is unlimited). However, the high upfront cost does indeed turn many people off. If one can afford that, and is willing to spend that amount, then you will not be disappointed.
    When one doesn't have that budget however, there are still many great AEG's out there that will perform well and last for quite awhile.
  10. Guiller

    Guiller New Member


    I know that a full customized AEG will excel. My DMR is a high end parts build and it shines (Retro Arms Gearbox, electronic trigger, cut off lever, tapet plate, piston, selector switch and trigger, Systema Bore Up cylinder set, Prowin hop-up, Prometheus bucking and flat nub, 510mm Miracle Barrel, Guarder M130 Spring, high torque gears and motor...)

    But I'm looking for factory stock AEGs available from the top brands in the Airsoft market. G&G, G&P, ICS, KWA, VFC, ARES.... I know most of this brands have pro/top lines of AEGs and this is the spot I'm aiming.

    Who, among the top brands, is delivering the most reliable/functional/advanced M4 AEG nowadays? Most of them have their top AEGs under U$600. I guess the only exception is the VFC/Umarex G28...
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  11. theonlyBuster

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    S. Florida
    I think Wingman703 got my point. Too many users give cookie-cutter answers or view price tags and pretty packaging and specs on paper and blindly recommend the gun literally without any other reason. The $1,000 price tag after the OP said his budget was about $300 spawned the mostly rhetorical question. But you're good ;)

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  12. Kevin468

    Kevin468 New Member


    These days I give out a basic answer since I don't have much time to spend on this forum.
  13. Guiller

    Guiller New Member

    Today I received answers from Evike (Taylor O), Airsoft GI (Mike G) and Airsoft MegaStore:

    All of them recommended the Krytac Trident SPR as the best options.
  14. bennyboy24

    bennyboy24 New Member

    The only problem many people experience with Krytac is it is difficult to upgrade it internally
  15. ma_airsoft

    ma_airsoft Well-Known Member Supporting Member


    Why is it more difficult to upgrade than any other gun?
  16. preston5151

    preston5151 Member

    I stand behind the Krytac SPR as an owner and as a user. It is a very good gun stock and can literally take almost any LiPo stock without the gearbox exploding. However lower power springs turn its semi to turn into a 2 round burst on an 11.1v LiPo because there is so much torque from the motor. The externals are very good for the price and overall is fairly lightweight for a full metal gun. Overall it receives a 9/10 in my book.
  17. TheInfidel23

    TheInfidel23 Resident Derp Supporting Member

    Apparently the shells are not appropriately spacious to take aftermarket gearsets, particularly low ratio spur gears.
    Meh, most stock guns won't blow up on a lipo. It's long term exposure to the high voltage that kills trigger contacts, and in SOME cases, causes mechanical failure.

    That's not torque, that's overspin ;) most stock guns get that on 11.1's.
  18. Allizard

    Allizard Member

    You only have to remove the material on the shell to fit the spur gear.

    There is a second solution to modify the gear itself. Umbrella Armory have been doing a lot of custom DSG builds using Krytac gearbox.

    If you have facebook account here is video.