225-350$ m4?

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    I know it is a wide range,but just go with it. Between King Arms,ICS,VFC/SOCOM, G&P, and CA, what should I get? This is what I want in my gun.
    -Great internals
    -Solid externals
    -high ROF
    -cool looks
    -11.1v LiPo ready(with reshim,aoe adjustment,Deans connectors, and MOSFET)(meaning if i do that, it wont break after thise improvements)
    -Easily customizable, inside and out
    -CQB maneuverable, and field capable (over 150 feet)
    -uniqueness on the field(i dont want the same gun as like 10 other people on my team)
    I was looking at these, so give me your input on if you would one of these, if so, which one, and if not, link what you would do.
    so,what i would do.
    ------The lower the price the better, but i want performance over price------
    starting with lowest price, then going up
    ...................................KING ARMS.....................................................
    .................................CLASSIC ARMY................................................
    http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?products_id=31652 ME GUSTA!
    The king Arms:
    -not highest quality

    +split gb design
    -proprietary parts, not highest qualiy
    -price, not many variants
    +high ROF, sound internals and external
    -higher price
    +internally and externally sound, self shim gb
    -highest price

    which one is the best overall, which one is the biggest bang for the buck, etc.
    please let me know :)
    I tried to format it good, give me feedback on if it is good or bad though, it took a while to type this up
    (i know the VFC/elite force is a little over 350)
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    Someone out there correct me if I'm wrong on this but don't similarly priced guns from the same manufacturer generally have the same gearbox? So all those king arms for example would shoot near the same?

  3. Scarred

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    The gearboxes should be the same. Barrel length and the Hop-up makes a difference. Though the Hop-up unit should be the same.
  4. marine121496

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    Ok so in that case I think you should shorten the list to whichever one you like most of each brand, I personally recommend King Arms, over G&P but have no experience with the other guns or brands listed.
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    CA is probably the most balanced and versatile, I've come to love them. G&P is very good, my personal favorite. I think VFCs are overrated, I like G&P externals and internals more then VFC. I think VFC has the unique guns like the PDW and Scar down, and I think they are great for those. However, I believe for an m4, why would you get one over a G&P or CA? :/

    ICS is awesome, most notably their sportline guns (same solid internals as proline with a plastic body IIRC). KA is a good gun if you're on a budget and want good externals- however the internal quality is subpar at best IMHO.
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    i didnt look into KWA because of the proprietary parts, and their high price comparitively to guns of similar quality...and echo 1 is a JG and Dboys rebrand, so I never looked at them. Plus, i have looked at echo 1 internals, and i even preffered KA over them. and i put multiple of each brand because they have different ris units and lengths, so i didnt know which confiuration i would benefit from the most.
  8. rich635

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    I vote one of the Socom Gear VFC series with Madbull externals because, well, I love them. No need for further externals besides maybe furniture.
  9. rileymccann

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    Long Beach
    can anyone with experience with some/all of them give me a kind of side by side analysis?
  10. rileymccann

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    Long Beach
    would king arms or ICS be competative with them? after all, they are a bit cheaper.
  11. Shady

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    The VFC self shim GB, while a good idea on paper, was poorly executed in my experience. Go G&P.
  12. RCV

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    If anyone tries to tell me that a G&P has better externals than one of the VFC/ MadBull/ Socom Gear m4s, I don't know what to think of you.

    My Vickers VFC m4 has nearly the best possible externals on an m4. And they came stock at $400. So much better than any G&P I've had/ seen/ worked on. The internals of each are equally as bad and equally as good, IMO. The self shimming method from VFC is perfectly fine for a stock gun. Anyone who complains of that is asking too much from a stock gun.

    Even with VFC/ MadBull externals, there is still something about CA X series bodies that I love more than any other.

    I own 2 CA m4s and a VFC/ MadBull m4. I chose them for the externals but they also had pretty good stock internals. Not that I use stock internals, but they are still nice to have.

    If I had to pick one thing I like G&P for over VFC, it would be their wiring. VFCs is thin, but again, it is perfectly fine for a stock gun.

    VFC also has a better record than G&P in the past on the subject of gearbox failures. Anyone who claims the gears and pistons were a "bad batch" are ignorant fanboys or people who follow the ignorant fanboys. It was a common problem for the first few years worth of guns off of G&P's production line. VFC also has a better record over CA in the past. Old CAs were either known to survive a nuclear war or disintegrate within the first few days of use. Then again, you have to take into consideration that CA has been around for almost 10 years longer than G&P or VFC.

    Eventually with all these opinions, facts, and fanboys put together, only YOU can decide what gun to get. We present "facts" but you are the one who decides. Go with what YOU think you would like. With airsoft becoming a bigger thing, the companies are getting better and better with their products. You really can't go wrong with any of the 3 brands. KWA is a contender as well. People always go on and on about how they don't accept parts and how they are "over priced for what you are getting." Well surprise! It's called competitive pricing. They really aren't that much more, if any, over your regular high end m4. Also, they accept nearly all TM v2 parts just fine. People who say otherwise are misinformed and insist to spread that false info.
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    I think that before I buy one, I will go into the ASGI or EVIKE store to hold, compare, and maybe even shoot all of them....i think that would be a good idea, because some guns people praise, but when you hold it you dont like it, and some guns nobody likes, but it feels like a match made in heaven
  14. rileymccann

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    Long Beach
  15. Dead Eye

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    quick piece of advice is to do a search for reviews of each gun you are looking at on Google, look at you tube reviews as well. go with the player reviews over the store reviews, as they tend to hype all guns to make sales.
    try to look at more than one review on each gun. it may take a while but its worth it to see and hear pros and cons. I got my G&P that way and it has been a very solid gun.
  16. pinggoy

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    vfc m4 is pretty good. gearbox is great.
  17. fradd

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    Well I think a side folding stock would definitely be the best if you want to have CQB and field capabilities. It offers the greatest difference in length.

    Lots of people would most likely have Classic Army guns, and there might be a few with ICS guns too.
    I liked the looks of every one of those VFCs though. Those are nice lookin' guns.
    So narrow it down a bit more by looks, since you have so many.

    You said that $350 is in your price range, so what's the problem with getting the VFC guns?
  18. rileymccann

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    I will pay 350 bucks for a gun, but I am not made of money. If a king arms or something cheaper can work similarly to the more expensive ones, then I would get the cheaper one

    this is discounted....is it a good gun? I know G&G externals are good, but i have heard bad things about the cm internals, and dont know about this ones..

    are WE aegs good? they look to be similar to TM
    specifically the katana
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    G&P and VFC are equal, both the very top of the line. CA is next, but has problems. The rest can be ignored.