$250 Price Range Gas Blowback or AEG Rifles?

Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by Nick43, Jun 7, 2015.

  1. Nick43

    Nick43 New Member

    I have a cm16 raider and a kwa m226 just looking for another gun to get. Should i go for a we gas blowback rifle, kwa kmp9, kwa mp7, or stick to an aeg. The only thing is that i play on a field of 350 fps. If i use a blowback i gotta use duster gas so not really sure what i should go for or i have to swap out parts which wouldnt be so good because i dont really know much about airsoft tech work.
  2. Munishin

    Munishin Well-Known Member

    You wouldn't have to use duster gas if you get an NPAS. Then you could just control the FPS.

  3. yakantosh

    yakantosh New Member

    For a more unique gbbr, you could do the Kjw kc02 and run duster gas or use an npas. Also in that price range would be the we-tech g36c. You could also build a very high performance aeg out of the combat machine for $250. In the end though it is your choice.