3D print questions - Famas parts, etc.

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    I have begun 3D printing airsoft stuff.
    The first thing I made, was a mag adapter for the famas, to use STANAG mags. After four attempts, I got the mag adapter correct, and was able to fire a full high cap with no issues, and the same amount of wobble as a regular famas mag.
    The next thing I printed was a shotshell for the elite force legends peace-keeper. I haven't perfected this one yet, I think due to the issue of printing tolerances. Up to seven bbs can load from the front and are perfectly retained, but none can be loaded from the back. Still working to perfect this design, but it is still usable.

    The third thing I am working on, is a top-rail for the famas. I require feedback with this one. The top rail of the famas has one open hole in it that I intend to use, but I am pretty sure I will have to drill another one for stability. I was curious as to whether or not I should remove the grenade sights for more rail space, as that could serve as more support and more rear rail space. Already, the scope sits extremely far forward when the rifle is shouldered.
    Additionally, for the rail section, I also put a hole through it, which allows for the regular iron sights to be viewed through. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The question I have regarding the famas rail is: How long is too long, and tall is too tall? Because the the side walls climb as they progress rearwards, the rail has to go up taller as it goes back. I guess it's a plus if you are using a full face mask...
    On a final note, the next things I have planned are:

    L96 loading plate and the clip that secures it - mine broke years ago, and the replacement clip didn't come with the new one I bought.

    G&G/Classic Army m14 stanag adapter - I bought a boneyard Classic Army EBR years ago, but never bought a mag for it. Modified some mags and the gun to use stanags, but it was iffy at best. Essentially, make a mini 14 with this.
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    None of the images are loading for me for some reason, but for the rail I would recommend removing the grenades sight so you can have more rail towards your face if you want to use a zoom style optic. Another thing is the rail will make most optics sit high so you will need to rest your cheek onto the ejector cover. Feels weird but works. That or just get used to looking above the rail or get a really low sitting optic. Also just that one screw hole on the bottom, if you do it right for the tolerances, is enough. I got one of those metal/aluminum/ pot metal ones and it works fine

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    oh nice I have been looking for something like this, have you uploaded or shared the files to any 3D print file sites?
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    I uploaded the file to thingiverse, but they are making me wait 24 hours before the file can be viewed. I will notify you when it is ready.

    I also fixed the pictures I think. I forgot I had this thread.
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    Here ya go, link for the FAMAS mag adapter piece. It requires the aug bottom adapter from someone else, but it is linked on the site.


    Let me know how it works for you.