550+ FPS Sniper! CYMA Bolt-Action Airsoft Gun!

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    The M187D Bolt Action Sniper Rifle by CYMA is not only one of the best performing out-of box snipers on the market, but it is one of the cheapest! It comes with a scope, bipod, and sling! The whole package! The wear-and-tear on this sniper is slim to none! I never got into competitive airsoft, so it has just been collecting dust in my closet for close to 2 years, as the gun has only shot maybe 150-200 bullets! Shoots like a beauty @550 FPS with it's pinpoint accuracy at 220+ feet. It may seem like an offer too good to be true, including the fact that its stats don't match the price of $95.99, which is a $50 saving for buying a new one, but I'm trying to get some quick money and this is something that is quick and easy to sell especially knowing I'm selling to an awesome community of airsofters! So if you are interested, leave a comment/message or DM me on Twitter @MarkItDownGTV! Hope to hear from you soon!

    - Magazine Capacity: 22 Rounds
    - Grooved Ergonomic Pistol Grip
    - Modular LE-style M4 Collapsible/Adjustable Rear Stock
    - One-Piece Full Metal Sniper Barrel
    - 4X32 High Magnified Metal Bosile Zoom Scope
    - Metal Adjustable Bi-Pod
    - Sling
    - RIS Railing (Tactical Railing)
    - Adjustable Hop-Up
    - Speed Loader

    Velocity: 470-550 FPS w/ .20g bb's
    Range: 200+ feet
    Length: 42 Inches
    Weight: 7 lbs.


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    Still for sale??????