$700 Gaming PC

Discussion in 'Staging Area' started by Airsoftm4dude, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. Airsoftm4dude

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    The title says it all. Trying to get a gaming pc for around $700 or less. I would prefer not having to build my own.

    (trying to run things like COD:WAW Custom Zombies and Steam)

  2. SilentVectorX

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    Anything with a quad-core and a 500-series Nvidea GTX should do fine. I'm able to run Battlefield 3 on max settings, all silky-smooth like :D

  3. TheLostCause

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    This belongs in the staging area, this is not airsoft related.

    Edit: Maybe look on ebay? and Also post in the Wanted section of classifieds for non airsoft items.
  4. theonlyBuster

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    You can get $1000 quality by building it with a $700 budget and not do anything too extreme. More or less just put everything together. And the hardest part is installing drivers

    But anyways are you looking for just the desktop or a monitor also? Also are we talking keyboard, mouse, speakers, etc, or again simply the desktop?
    What size and type hard drive are you looking for?
    Any preference on brand/maker?
    Would if bother you if you bought a unit THEN had to swap out a few parts?
  5. rich635

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    Buying a desktop then switching out parts would be difficult if it was from someone like Dell or HP. The cases wouldn't fit anything, the PSU would be crap, there wouldn't be enough PCI-e slots...it'd be better to either get a PC from a gaming company (besides Alienware) or build it yourself. Still, answer some of Buster's questions (peripherals, monitor, etc) and we might be able to help you come up with a decent build. Building a computer is pretty easy, it's like Legos, just with screws and the pain of finding and installing the correct drivers. No modding needed for a basic build.
  6. SilentVectorX

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    San Angelo
    My desktop is an HP Elite with a GTX 560 crammed in. No problems, though the stock PSU was just *barely* within the specs I needed.