9/29-9/30 Camp/Game

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    BFE south east of Wichita
    Hi, I just wanted to take a second to see if anyone would like to come out to this fall's camp/game. It's held on private grounds, southeast of Wichita. Friday night we'll have a couple small skirmishes a well as a special scenario for our better halves. Saturday morning we'll have a WWII themed scenario game followed by more odds and ends skirmishes.

    Here's the deal:
    Dates are 9/29-9/30 (full moon).
    Free play.
    RSVP only.
    Must have your own equipment; camping/food/Airsoft/beer/toilet paper/whatever.
    Special rules apply.
    If you don't want to camp or be involved in the night action, you are welcome to come strictly for the Saturday games.

    To get precise details (times, rules, scenario, RSVP, etc.) PM me.