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    Hello, i am a new member here. My real name is,well you can probably already guess from my username :) . I am 15 years old(i put my profile at 18 yrs just because i didnt know if i could be a minor on this site and post and stuff. Anyway, i live in Long beach, California,and i am looking for somebody to hang out with on xbox live(i play cod mw2 mostly), and i want to know if there are any other people in my area that i could get to know and go airsofting with so that i am not going by myself, because none of my friends are in to airsoft. i dont go that much, especially now that i am back in school, being that i am in a magnet program and all. i like to go when i can though. That is pretty much everything about me that is relevant for me to post on a web site, so yeah.If you want to play xbox with me , get to know me, or meet up with me to go airsofting, send me a pm. THATS ALL FOR NOW!
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    Welcome, Riley. Enjoy your stay here at Airsoft Society.