Each gun has been tested, unless otherwise noted and I have shooting videos of each gun for functionality verification. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions about anything! I realize that some pictures are missing, and I will add them in the next day or two.

1. [$320] Socom Gear Robinson Armament XCR-RDC (OEM by VFC) - Pristine condition. Completely stock, except for the aftermarket VFC QRS stock ($60). I am the original owner and purchased it new back in 2018. I have fired less than 500 rounds, only testing it once or twice a year to ensure functionality. This was originally purchased as a collector's item, since it is truly the only high quality XCR-RDC replica on the market and was difficult to find for quite some time. The gun has been well taken care of and stored for several years in a smoke-free, non humid environment for several years. Includes one 7.4v lipo battery.

2. [$175] EMG / Salient Arms International 2011 DS 5.1 - Good condition. Magazine release has been recently replaced and everything works perfectly. No leaks. Comes with two 30rd EMG/SAI green gas magazines ($40 each) and one 52rd WE green gas extended magazine ($45). The extended magazine comes with an aftermarket CNC baseplate ($10).

3. [$90] ECHO 1 Stag Arms STAG-15 Full Stock - Untested. It is missing the charging handle spring and one of the tabs on the upper receiver is broken (although the upper still locks into place just fine using the rear pin). I believe it is missing the hop-up and inner barrel, and there is something inside the barrel obstructing it (it appears to be some sort of grease). There may be some damage to the rail on the handguard? Also missing rear sling loop. This model has a very nice metal outer barrel and has full Stag Arms trademarks. Wired to large tamiya. This would make for a very simple project gun! Includes everything you see in the pictures. I may also have an old battery laying around that I can include, but I cannot guarantee this.
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4. [$120] #1 King Arms Ultra Grade M1A1 Military (KA-AG-62) - Fair condition. There is some wear on the upper and lower receivers from a previous paint job that was removed (see pictures). Has licensed trademarks on both sides of the receiver. This is the “Ultra Grade” model by King Arms which features a metal upper receiver and imitation wood furniture. It is missing the rear butt plate, but this doesn’t affect functionality and the battery can still easily be held in place with tape. Wired to large tamiya.
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5. [$60] KJW Boneyard Hi-Capa - Needs a new slide release and nozzle assembly. No magazine. Includes a large assortment of various parts.