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    Before anything else:
    I've already done a lot of research on AS sidearms. Sadly the effort only makes end-point choices more confusing given the widely varying opinions even in specific models, a plethora of information in some cases with next to none in others and that a lot of information seems dated. Much appreciation ahead of time for any help to sort out options and narrow things down!

    Overall I'm looking to find a sidearm to use for primary and later secondary. My budget is $300 max. I'd like a level of realism so it needs to be GBB. 300-350~ FPS with .20g BBs. The Airsoft field in driving range of me tests with .20g BBs so I might as well use them. Weight needs to be around 1.8lb/816g or less (BEFORE accessories) considering that my SD9 VE weighs that with full mag and I find that rather comfortable.

    I'd like something reliable, accurate and versatile with the ability to be modified/customized with a selection of cosmetics and accessories. I do want something that looks a tad snazzy on top of feeling good. Don't have to go stir crazy on that.

    I am not adverse to something I have to modify out of the box and want to add both accessories and eye candy (aka new potential slide, grip, etc) as necessary. The particular accessories I'm aiming for right off are a silencer, reflex sight, a laser sight and a couple extra mags. It needs to have good internals and feel good in the hand. My hands are medium sized for reference.

    Don't care about:
    • BB count in mag.
    • Volume without silencer (if I remove it then I won't care).
    • Polymer vs metal so long as it holds up.
    • Ambidextrous use. Neutral on this feature.

    • C02 or HPA powered models. Green Gas only.
    • 1911s. No offense to anyone, I'm just not a fan of their general appearance and feel they're all too much overdone in the firearm world.
    • Particularly large guns like Desert Eagles since I doubt I'll find those comfortable to operate.
    • Compact models/stubbies. I want range and versatility, not something I have to worry about concealing or quick-draw.
    • Pre-upgraded models. I don't want to waste money where I could simply put the effort in. Not only am I capable of working with small components and figuring out mechanisms (I rebuild cell phones and make handball sized contraptions after all), but I'd find the act of doing things myself satisfying.

    I'm aware there are a lot of Hi-Capas and Glocks out there, which I AM open to and wouldn't mind suggestions, but I'd also like some other suggestions with those since most of the information I've found is on primarily those two.

    Beyond that I'd appreciate a holster recommendation since I know nothing about them. Something that can accommodate accessories if possible. Draw and holster ease would be preferred without falling out when moving.

    In the meantime I'm going to continue my Google searching. Cheers!
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    Since you haven't ruled out Hi-Capas would recommend a Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1. It's under $200, uses green gas, very reliable/accurate, best gun for upgrade potential given parts availability and compatibility. The only downside for you would be it doesn't come with a threaded barrel (you seem pretty set on getting a suppressor). It's also pretty easy to get in the US, unlike other TMs.

    If you don't want a Hi-Capa or a Glock, would recommend the Tokyo Marui HK45 Tactical. It comes with a threaded barrel, has the newer internals from TM and even comes with a suppressor. Downside is it is hard to find in the US due to trademark issues.

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    Plus there is really no "upgrade" options for the HK45.

    You will have to get a WE or TM Glock in most cases. Since Hicapa is just a 1911 as the 2011 model.
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    Yeah I don't like the notion of the HK45. While it looks nice, I'm seeing a lot of reviews complaining that it's on the large side, so a bit cumbersome. Lack of options for it is also a killer. Thanks for the suggestion though!

    This is for a singular reason:
    I have two places to practice. The one that isn't 10 miles away and is my back yard. My yard is a full acre and the neighbors are another 1/4 acre off past that, however I've heard that GBBPs can sound like .22 fire. Most of the neighbors wouldn't care, but I'd rather not be rude when a simple foam-filled silencer can alleviate any potential grief there. For anything else I wouldn't likely keep the silencer attached.

    As bad as it is, I didn't really realize the resemblance until you pointed it out. Suppose it goes to show how much of a gun person I'm not. :D

    If Hi-Capas are the best option then I would be willing to go with them. My two big gripes about the 1911 series are the rounded designs and the duck tail off the back being so large. Makes the profile appear dated to me and I'm a fan of more modern looking designs. Things like the Desert Warrior 4.3 and M&P9L are what I find attractive.

    That said, I could suck it up on the duck tail profile, replace some parts and call it a day. I realized this when looking at the 5.1 Gold Match. Which is admittedly pretty appealing...even though I'm not a fan of gold weapons. Overall my aim IS functionality first. Even if I do want my cake and to eat it too!

    For Glocks I've seen some good custom ones so they are appealing. Mostly didn't go straight to these and Hi-Capas because they were the more obvious choices (and I know everything on the internet isn't true).

    So I suppose my current stance is:
    TM Hi-Capa 5.1 - Possibility with customization. Reviews definitely pointing to it being a good gun. Going to look a little more in depth into the model to get a feel for the workings of it.

    Glocks - [EDIT - Answered some of my own questions] What latest gen models are present in Airsoft? Looks like G19 is the best recommended model (friend owns one IRL and says I'd love it). G34 has me interested since I found a REALLY good looking custom on google picts. Would love to have something that looks similar to this.

    Also TM vs WE? I've heard mixed reviews about WE Glocks.

    While I was searching I also noticed the TM FNX-45. Looks very interesting and has some good reviews. Good idea, bad idea?

    Cheers and apologies for so many questions!
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    I was going to suggest the TM FNX-45 at first given the threaded barrel but it is kind of large (subjective but it's as large i not larger than my HK45 in my opinion). It's a good gun but you should check out the feel of it. Not sure about upgradability. One plus is that you can buy it off Evike.


    I've heard many mock suppressors are not foam-filled due to US law. Not sure how true this is - the one that came with my TM Mk23 which is foam-filled but came from Asia.

    As far as Glocks are concerned, the TM G19 has the upgraded internals while the G34 has the older internals. However more upgrade parts may be available for the G34.
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    I am gonna suggest a CZ P-09 or a G17 (TM or WE). I dont own either but i have shot them before and they are nice.
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    that is rather high for pistols that I've seen, majority of compacts shoot ~280 and full size ~310. Not that much of a problem, if you're doing target shooting the bb travel time isn't too important as long as your hop is set correctly

    Yeah, double stack .45acp based models (ie. USP Match, Hicapa) have a larger grip

    Suppressors don't do much for gas pistols, they are mainly there for hiding longer inner barrels to raise FPS. The loud noise will mostly be the slide hitting the frame, and the pressure release of the gas.

    4.3 Hicapas do not have the standard 1911-style front design, and they have an abbreviated ducktail (at least the Marui ones do). They take the standard 5.1 mags and slides should you ever desire to change them out.

    TM Gold Match has some compatibility issues regarding frame-slide fitment and do not work with all 5.1 parts, but if you're going for functionality all you really need are some recoil guide bumpers and you'll be fine

    WE/AW makes good glocks, not sure about upgradeability other than the standard inner barrel and packing. TM makes better glocks but are generally much more expensive and have durability issues on the frame with propane (Knuckles says to jb weld the impact zones).

    I skirmish with both of mine in the G19 flavor, I prefer the WE as I like the AW Poly80 lower but the TM shoots much crisper due to plastic slide. TM also has far more accurate trademarks if that matters to you, but the older models (see below) may light strike mags with propane (vs duster) - need to replace hammer spring if that happens

    KJW also makes TM clone Hicapas and glocks, further muddying your choices. I've heard KJW Glocks aren't as good as WE but their Hicapas are better than WE. I have not owned any KJW guns so others will have to chime in. For what it's worth, Novritsch's sidearm is a KJW based Hicapa in a unique permutation of parts. Also be aware that KJW names their pistols with their own 'KPxx' scheme, they may not be listed under the actual model name of the firearm it's made to resemble.

    It's not 'upgraded' internals, it's a larger piston diameter in a blowback unit designed to house it. G34 I believe is based off of the older G17, along with the G18C and G26.

    In terms of upgradeability, outside of Hicapas and TM Glocks you are kind of looking at a narrow amount of choices. There are a few other gun models that I know of but may not have used personally that may fit what you're looking for

    TM/WE Springfield XDM 4.5 Duty, 3.8 Compact (really subcompact) - solid weight, feels great in hand and solid kick. The XDM's rear striker 'prime' indicator mechanism is needlessly irritating and I removed them on both of mine - all GBB pistols that I know of are hammer fired

    TM Beretta M9A1, KWA Beretta M9 - TM M9 (non-A1) is a very old fixed hop design, M9A1 is an updated adjustable one. KWA has its own gas system and arguably bad hop design but I've liked all of my KWA pistols even though I've never owned an M9 from them. Full size pistol, might be too large for your taste though. KWA M9 mags also work in the M93R but those turn into full-auto only pistols eventually since the burst and semi mechanism are made of paper

    TM/KWA Sig P226/P229, VFC/SigAir Sig P320/M17, etc. - I don't deal much with Sig but their P226 has a small aftermarket and the newer P320 just came out. Unique ergonomics but they are not large pistols.

    TM/VFC S&W M&P9 - seem to be older models? Might be difficult to obtain. M&P ergos are probably more similar to your SD9 VE than anything else available.

    KJW CZ-75, KJW SP-01 (CZ Shadow), KJW CZ P-09 - don't know how good or how large the aftermarket is but it's something different. Might be licensed under ASG, not too sure

    KWA/TM USP, USPc, USPc Tactical (not USP.45 models) - Something different, although double action pistol may not be what you're looking for. Owned the KWA USPc/KP8 compact, very gentle kick and functioning decocker

    Raptor MP-443 Grach - new Russian sidearm, Raptor is currently running distribution after a delay caused by batflu. Raptor's first GBB pistol, no prior reliability track record.
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    You will find that in Airsoft a short barrel leaves you rather "lacking".

    Just like one does not expect a .357 Magnum with a 2" barrel to hit anything past 25 yards unless it's a barn. Know the lob.

    So for Airsoft it's the same thing. You want to be able to reach out and touch someone...go full size or extended length.

    As for Long Slides...I have options for those in used kits.

    You should stick with Glocks.

    As for the KJW KP-17. Its actually a the model the the WE unit cloned from and better made...

    If you want that one with no real marking on it. I can have one to your door with a spare mag for 130 shipped.

    As for the rapport.....22LR is rather "exaggerated".
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    Airsoft GBB pistols aren't remotely as loud as .22. Airsoft suppressors also do very very little in decreasing the noise.
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    Thanks for all the replies and information! Some nice model suggestions.

    I was able to go to an Airsoft store today (not going to be a norm since it's 2 hours one way) and lay my hands on a Glock, USP and a couple other models. Apparently my hands aren't as 'small' as I imagined. Pretty much what was below the DEagle felt fine. Leaves my options open! Good news that was worth the trip. Wasn't able to live fire and didn't buy, but it was still worth it.

    Good to know the sound isn't that loud. Saves me time and trouble there. While suppressors look nice...does throw the gun off. Especially in drawing and holstering.

    That's pretty much my aim, yes. Using it as a primary, single shot distance and accuracy is important atm.

    I'll PM you about that!
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    I love my S&W M&P 40 has a nice recoil has option of gas or co2 mags[​IMG]
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    I ended up going with a G17 and I'm loving it. Thanks for the suggestion though!