A&K M249 Box mag and Matrix 3000 Medium type motor

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    I'm looking to sell these as I have no use for them. I received the M249 mag from the recent Evike Swag Pack deals but I don't own an M249, nor do I plan to get one.

    As for the Matrix motor. I purchased that on Hopup from a reputable seller but his definition of "short type" is not my version of short type. So I am unable to use it. He also claims it is brand new but the edges are roughed up and the packaging it showed up in was broken a bit. So I doubt that.

    Either way, I'm just trying to get rid of extra stuff I have laying around that I can't use. I do have a couple more motors but they are all stock. If you guys have any interest in them, I'll post pictures of them too.

    For now, I'm looking to get $30 for the box mag and $30 for the Motor.

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