A little help with and unsual gun: PSG1

Discussion in 'Electric Guns' started by Pyrus_mortis, Aug 21, 2015.

  1. Pyrus_mortis

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    I know many of you have probably never seen one of these beauties in person. However I bet there is someone here who can help me figure out why my de-cocking lever is decocking on it's own. Basically whenever I pull the trigger, 3/5 times the gun will de-cock when the trigger is pulled. Anybody have any insight on this one?

  2. Lefse

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    I'd guess either the ARL is slipping or the cut-off lever is engaged slightly too late so that it completes the cycle with overspin. You'll have to open up the gearbox and inspect the parts for wear.

  3. Bostitch

    Bostitch Well-Known Member

    It sounds like the anti reversal latch is broken... No way around it other than to dig into the box or sell it to me lol.
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  4. WhitCap

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    it sounds like a real nice gun but how much fps is it
  5. Pyrus_mortis

    Pyrus_mortis New Member

    It has never been fielded, so I highly doubt it is a wear issue. I was thinking along the same lines about something catching or slightly engaging the ARL. I was actually going to take a closer look at my shimming next time I get into it. I havent had much time to look at it due to a move, a kid, and a lot of undway time on my ship. I have a lot of tech time coming up soon though due to a surgury.

    HA! Nice try, lol! As I said, it is practically NIB. I have no plans for parting with this one, it has been on my wishlist since I first got into the game. I just want to get it functional bc no field here is big enough or willing to let me use the Cheytac :(

    stock, I was getting about the TM standard 280. I dropped an M135 spring and a magnum motor in it though, so it is more like 460 if I remember right (its been a while since i chronoed it).