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Discussion in 'General Airsoft Discussion' started by Thestig, Aug 20, 2012.

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  1. Thestig

    Thestig Some say... Supporting Member

    Colorado Springs and Southern California
    Ok, so here this goes.
    I have recently been surfing many forums, but this one extensively, and found that none of them have a guide on who makes what style guns. This could be beneficial, as it could stop some of the "I want __ style gun, but don't know who makes them" questions that have been everywhere lately. I am willing to do the guide, but I need to know first if there is the need for one. And if there is, what style it should be in. I was thinking of two different styles.

    Style 1)
    Manufacture Name
    Guns Styles Made (Not the gun models. Some companies have 20 M4s. That would make the thread pointless.)
    Known Trouble Guns (Might need help here on some of the more unique brands)
    Any other comments


    Style 2)

    Gun Style
    Short history on the gun (From wikipedia or equivalent)
    Manufactures Making the gun
    Any other comments.

    I want to avoid putting personal bias on this, as it is not the point of the thread to name who has the nicest guns and such. It is for information only. Like I said earlier, I just want feedback on this. I don't want to do it, and then have it be useless.
  2. Sharp

    Sharp Member

    There are already plenty of company guides (albeit most haven't been updated in awhile and are more based on the companies themselves and not their gun models) I think it'd be slightly redundant to post another. Why would people really need a guide though on who makes what gun? Shouldn't it be slightly obvious if they hop on Ehobby or Evike? If they want more details on the models that each company makes outside of guides (such as Major9's) the research is relatively easy to do with a quick Google search or browsing the forum.

    I don't understand how it's hard to figure out that DeepFire only makes M4s or something when you could punch in "Deepfire AK" and you'd only get their AK kits.
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  3. Thestig

    Thestig Some say... Supporting Member

    Colorado Springs and Southern California
    The thing is, lately, how many people have been doing that? I will post up links to what I mean either late tonight, or tomorrow. Also, I think now I would put common price ranges for guns as well.
  4. Thestig

    Thestig Some say... Supporting Member

    Colorado Springs and Southern California
    Ok, sorry for the double post, but every time I try to edit, the app crashes, and my laptop is dead.

    So, here are the types of threads that might be helped by this guide. They were hard to find, as the really bad ones are deleted. (I think that is actually a good thing.) Here they are:






    I will add that each gun will be broken down into price categories, and that will help with the organization. Plus, there will be a key for guns that are available with Rails, Crane Stocks, and such.

    Can I have a few Mods input on this as well? I don't want to write this, and then have it be deleted or locked, due to it being "pointless"
  5. IHOP

    IHOP New Member

    The guide is in my head.

    How about just make a thread where people can ask what brands make which specific types of guns?
  6. Thestig

    Thestig Some say... Supporting Member

    Colorado Springs and Southern California
    It would be like that, but without having to wait for a response. It would be a quick reference thread.
  7. zreakz

    zreakz New Member

    It seems a little pointless, and as stated above, google has the answer. The idea might be good for newcomers, but other then that it doesn't seem useful.
  8. Shiftyshooter

    Shiftyshooter Learn from your mistakes. Lifetime Supporter

    There are threads like this one already and they actually work. No guide will ever help an active idiot.
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