Acm acog 1x32

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    I'm guessing you meant eotech replicas, as real eotechs don't "wash out" Aimpoint is known to have some issues, however.

    I will assume that you are talking of this replica. This is, of course, not a real trijicon, as those are upwards of $1200. I had a trijicon replica, and like this, it had no real info as to who makes it. (someone in china) It lasted about 1 year, and the the adjustment knobs started coming off.

    If you actually meant the brand Trijicon, however, the answer to your question would be that, yes it is good, probably the best in the world (maybe leupold is better) and i OBVIOUSLY not necessary for airsoft purposes, (as you probably know, just saying this to be on the safe side). :)

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    I have one it's nasty
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    Well, as for the link, that's not a "real" Trijicon, nor is it an authorized trademarked replica. It has the "shape" of the ACOGs that Trijicon makes, but none of the markings on that are anywhere close to being accurate. As far as red-dots, don't get an "ACOG Looking" red-dot, those are close-to mid range optics. Find a good (normally means pricey) replica of a low-pro Eotech or Aimpoint that uses either a green or a red/green dot, the green from my experience has a better chance of showing in areas where more light is prominent.