ACOG Replica/Scope for my DMR.

Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by Darkrider9, Aug 10, 2012.

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    Mods, if this section isn't appropriate please feel free to move it or lock it. I was going to put it in accessory discussion but its more of a "What should I get?" thread, so I thought it would fit okay in here.

    Okay so my budget is around 150 and I'm looking for an ACOG replica to put on my DMR. I'd like the magnification to be at least 4x, and it should have good eye relief, I hate having to spend those extra 10 or so seconds trying to find the perfect spot to look through it. Illuminated is preferred but it isn't a huge deal.

    Here are some I've been looking at:

    I also already have a Eotech replica with a magnifier, but my replica is sup-par, so should I pick up a hurricane sight instead?
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    I would definitely pick up a G&P holo sight. They will have replica problems like all replicas but will be of more quality it seems like.

  3. Darkrider9

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    I already have one of similar quality to that but I am not satisfied with it's performance so if I was to continue running a Eotech replica I'd have to get a one up and go with a Hurricane. Thanks for the suggestion though.
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    you would probably be just fine with any of those that you have posted. i have not had any personal expierence with any of them. but i have a 3-9X30 ( i think) and i usually keep it around 4 or 5. that is for a very basic sniper. so you should be fine with a 4X acog.