Acquisition Thread.

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    Post your new guns, kit, and any other misc. tacticool / airsoft stuff.

    My acquisition is a Cybergun / Softair SCAR-L


    Here's a glammer shot.


    With the stock fully extended.


    Three G's.
    Grab coat, Grab gun, Go.


    The best way to relax.


    Sitting in my chairsoftin' chair.


    And the notorious "my bed is the only slightly clean flat surface I have" shot.

    I'm really digging this gun. The Evike page really undersold it. It said just polymer, and it didn't come with batteries, a charger, or magazines. But mine has a metal upper receiver, and came with 2 magazines, a battery, and a charger. Maybe I just got lucky or something.

    I'm excited to see your guys's new stuff.