Adding more than one MOSFET

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    So picked up a Krytac CRB recenty and wanted to use my Xcortech X3300W setup with it MOSFET and all. Since all Krytacs already come with a basic one, would there be any adverse effects with using the Xcotech one as well?
  2. DreadCo526

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    Yeah man they will work fine together just hook it up like the plug and play option. Simply follow the directions and it will work fine. You could take apart your gearbox and wire the Xcortech up to function as an actual MOSFET but you already have one so theres really no need to do this.

  3. Ghost_Bear

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    How to wire in the Xcortech mosfet

    Hi, I was looking for the exact same question. If two mosfets would play well together, but Im thinking I would rather just wire in the Xcortech SCU but cant figure out how to connect it to the trigger contacts. There are four holes that I would imagine are the connection point but have no diagrams or manuals to guide me. Anyone have any experience hard-wiring the Xcortech mosfet?
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    I will work just fine. The Krytac MOSFET is not an intelligent design, just simply a protection feature. My local tech has been working with a Warfet, and all it's feature on a Krytac with great success.
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    Cool, im going to pick up a secondary mosfet to protect the contacts and use the Xcortech as the control unit. Seems the easiest solution.