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Discussion in 'General Airsoft Discussion' started by n00bLuke, Oct 13, 2012.

  1. n00bLuke

    n00bLuke New Member

    I might be able to trade my echo1 zombat with a few mechanical problems and a systema motor, for a bar10 with an upgraded spring piston and sprig guide. Should I do it?
  2. 703

    703 Active Member

    I wouldn't...
    Have you ever tried sniping before ? It's not like a video game or in movies.
    Ultimatly it's your decision so really it comes down to what you want.

    If it were me I would sell the gun as is and buy something else or just fix the gun up and keep it.

  3. n00bLuke

    n00bLuke New Member

    Yes, I have tried sniping, I really enjoy it. I have been looking into getting a new sniper for a while now since I honestly can't stand aeg's lol.
    EDIT: Correction, I can't stand using them as a primary way to play, I will play them in cqb but that is about it.
  4. Axis

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    I agree with 703. Honestly, snipers don't exactly dominate in airsoft. I've been a sniper before and it isn't as great as it seems. When you have 3 AEGs shooting your way and you only have a sniper rifle, the game becomes target practice, and you're the target.

    If you really want to buy that rifle, do it. Because in airsoft, personal experience is key.
  5. theonlyBuster

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    S. Florida
    Ehh it's a tolerable trade. Just look into bolt-action upgrade and tuning up. Just because it's already upgraded, doesn't mean you won't be opening it up in a few months to replace/tune up some parts.

    I personally would pass because I think Systema motors are over-rated. I tend to stay away from most Systema parts because you can get the same if not better performance with a cheaper product, but just my 2 cents.

    If you want a Bar 10 sniper rifle, it's a decent trade. If you want any old sniper rifle, well do some research before committing to the trade.